It was announced in giant letters that there were children in the theater that was bombed by Russia

It was announced in giant letters that there were children in the theater that was bombed by Russia


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Moscow’s terrorist campaign continues. The theater where the public was staying was severely damaged By the Russian airstrikes on MariupolThe townhall of this besieged port city in the southeast Ukraine. “The invaders destroyed the theater. It was a place where more than a thousand people took refuge. We will never forgive this,” the municipality wrote in a telegram message.

The US space technology company Maxar Technologies, which specializes in satellite imagery in particular, released a photo of the Mariupol Theater on Monday. According to the photo, the word “children” is written on the floor, in large white letters and in Russian, on the front and back of the building (circled in red in the photo in this article).

Mariupolin Town Hall posted a photo in the Telegram showing the complete destruction of its central area, with thick white smoke coming out of it. According to officials, the plane bombed the building. “The plane bombed the building where hundreds of civilians were staying. As bombings continue to hit residential areas, it is not possible to establish a balance sheet immediately, ”Downhall said. “The entrance to the shelter is clogged with rubbish. Information about the victims is being verified, ”according to the same source.

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Russian campaign

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied that the bombing of the theater, for its part, was the cause of the explosion on the account of Ukrainian nationalist battalion Aso. Moscow had already contacted the military during the bombing Mariupol Maternity Hospital Last week, it sparked an international outcry.

“Russian invaders can not find the words to describe the level of cynicism and atrocities that devastate the peaceful population,” Mariupol said in a statement issued by the Town Hall.

The Ukrainian military has already announced that the Russian army bombed civilians fleeing Mariupol on Wednesday on a humanitarian sidewalk, causing “deaths” and injuries, including a seriously wounded child.

At around 3:30 a.m., a civilian convoy on its way from Mariupol to Zaporozhye was targeted by Grad Multiple Rocket Launchers, the Ukrainian military said in a telegram, releasing a photo of the wounded and bleeding child. In the absence of a Russian-Ukrainian ceasefire after a series of defeats, evacuations to Mariupol have accelerated, while in this strategic port, people have no water or food. According to local officials, more than 2,000 civilians have been besieged by Mariupol and have been dead for days.