Jace Norman Net Worth

Jace Norman Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have in His Bank Account?

American actor, director, and entrepreneur Jace Norman As a result of his portrayal as Henry Hart in the Nickelodeon television series “Henry Danger,” Norman has acquired a great deal of celebrity. After making his acting debut at the age of 12, Norman has subsequently starred in a number of other movies, films, television series, and television episodes.

Due to his commitment to acting, Norman has been awarded numerous film honours.

Continue reading as we examine the start of Jace Norman’s ascent to fame and wealth.

Biography: Jace Norman

Jace’s early years were filled with a great deal of enthusiasm. Chris Norman and Jillian Frenkel-Norman welcomed their son Jace Norman to the world in Corrales, New Mexico, on March 21, 2000.

This year, he will turn 22 years old. Even though he had never called that location home because his parents had abandoned him when he was a toddler. His life was uprooted and he relocated to southern California, where he completed his secondary education. Based on the way he looks at you, you could assume he is only eight years old.


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Throughout middle school, he was the focus of psychological bullying due to his dyslexia; as a result, he did not have the finest experiences. Fortunately, he was raised by parents who never gave up on him and supported him to become the man he is today. He is who he is today due to their influence.

Our inquiry led us to the conclusion that no information is accessible regarding the identities of his parents. An study into Jace’s origins reveals that he is not the only kid his parents have ever had. As a result, he is the younger sibling of two older children: his older sister, Glory, and his older brother, Xander, with whom he spent his formative years.

Childhood and Education

He decided at a very young age to seek a career in the entertainment sector. In 2008, he moved to California in an effort to advance his career and broaden his skill set. In 2012, he made his acting debut on the sitcom ‘Jessie,’ launching his career.

Although Jace and his brothers Glory Norman and Xander Norman were raised by their parents in Corrales, New Mexico, Jace has chosen not to disclose any details about his parents to the world. There Jace was born and raised. His academic credentials came from a public school, where he spent most of his time honing his acting skills as opposed to his academic understanding.

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Career Counseling

Jace and his brother used to make home films together when he was a child. Approximately at this time, Jace first became aware of his tremendous interest for acting. At the age of 16, he made his debut in the film industry with an animated picture titled “Spark.”

Hollywood has been able to enjoy the success of such films as “The Dumb Show,” “The Splitting Adam,” and “Rufus” due to his involvement in the film industry. After a period of time in the acting field, he eventually received a nomination for “Favorite Male TV Star.”

He is one of the few musicians whose Instagram presence can be regarded credible. Despite the fact that he doesn’t follow anyone else, he has amassed more than 4 million Instagram followers, which is an impressive feat.

Girlfriend of Jace Norman

According to our investigations, Jace has not been in a romantic relationship in the recent past. However, we are known that Jace had a love relationship with another actor named “Riele Down” who starred in the television series Henry Danger. After it was revealed that Jace Norman was dating another actor named “Jordyn Jones,” the actress chose to end her connection with Down. There is no evidence to substantiate the notion, though.


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In addition, there have been speculations that Jace is dating the famous actress Isabela Moner. The fact that their romance was so widely publicised gave the idea that everything was going swimmingly, but in truth, it only lasted approximately seven months until they broke up. Due to the lack of information regarding his personal life, notably his dating history, it is assumed that he does not have a significant partner.

What Is Jace Norman’s Net Worth?

American actor Jace Norman has a net worth of $3 million. Jace Norman was born in March of 2000 in Corrales, New Mexico, where he presently resides. The portrayal of Henry Hart Kid Danger in the 2014 television series Henry Danger has brought him the most recognition. From 2015 to 2016, the same voice actors performed the same roles in both Henry Danger Motion Comic and As Aventuras de Kid Danger.

Jace Norman has also appeared on Jessie, Deadtime Stories, and The Thundermans, among others. Among his further film and television roles are The Dumb Show, Splitting Adam, Rufus, and Rufus 2. The 2018 television film Blurt!, starring Norman and produced by him, was released in 2018. His 2016 Kids’ Choice Award nomination for Favorite Television Actor got him a Blimp Award. Norman received his second Blimp Award in 2018 for the novel Henry Danger.

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Jace Norman’s Accomplishments and Honors

Jace Norman has been working in the entertainment industry as an actor from his youth. He has just recently been regarded as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors. Moreover, he has been honoured for his accomplishments in the following areas:

For his part in Henry Danger, he was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Star the same year.

  • Henry Danger earned him the 2017 Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male Television Star.
  • For his performance in the sitcom Henry Danger, he won the 2018 Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Star.

Justin Norman Length, Weight, and Body Measurements

The average height and weight of Jace Norman are 5 feet 11 inches and 62 pounds. He is a tall, athletic, blonde-haired young man with brown eyes. Due to his slender, fit, and seductive physique as well as his great performing ability, he is a true artist. This individual has no visible tattoos and prefers shoe size 8 US.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Does Jace Norman continue to act?

Since 2020, Norman has also served as a regular cast member on Nickelodeon’s Danger Force, for which he is a producer. When Paramount releases the Henry Danger film in 2022, Norman will reprise his role.

What Is the Real Jace Norman?

A few days ago, Jace Norman tweeted about his real name. His real name is Jason, not Jace, as he revealed to his followers in a message. Obviously, the fans went bananas.

Does Jace Norman exist? Are you Riele Downs’ spouse?

Riele Downs and Jace Norman developed a strong rapport, leading to dating speculations. They refuted the rumors, claiming that they were merely friends. Jace’s co-star in Splitting Adam is Isabela Moner.