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Twitter is full of posts about how Jacob Sartorius died in a car crash. The rumors spread online on Tuesday, October 25. Even though there was no proof, this made some fans worried.

On social media, the news of Jacob Sartorius’ death seemed to come out of nowhere. It first went viral on Twitter, where the phrase “Jacob Sartorius is dead” got a lot of attention.

Even though there was no proof, his followers were tweeting all over the place about his death.

But the rumors that he died are not true. A few hours after the internet was full of rumors about his death, the singer went on social media to reassure his fans that he was still alive.

Jacob Sartorius is Alive and Well

Before his death rumor went viral on social media, the Sweatshirt singer posted on Instagram that he had put out a new song the night before.

Since the musician posted a picture of himself in good shape and health on his Instagram story, it is safe to say that the rumors that he had died were not true.

Jacob Sartorius Death

His new song, Planet Lonely, came out not long ago. At the time I wrote this, it had been seen more than 1000 times.


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If the singer had actually died, his team or family may have made a similar statement. Since this didn’t happen and he keeps putting out new videos without any problems, it’s safe to say that the internet star is still alive and well.

A death hoax about Jacob Sartorius is not the only one that has happened to a famous person. Because clickbait and false information can spread quickly on social media, some Internet users make up fake news to get more attention online. Will Smith, Adam Sandler, and Tom Hanks, among others, have all had to set the record straight about rumors that they had died.

Who is Jacob Sartorius?

The Tulsa native is a very popular singer, songwriter, and creator of content for social media. He first became well-known through the app musical.ly. But now he is one of the most important people who made TikTok.

The 20-year-lip-sync old’s videos got a lot of attention. But since May 2016, when he released his own single called “Sweatshirt,” he has become a well-known influencer-singer. He also got on the Billboard Hot 100 chart because of this.

In January 2017, he put out his own EP called The Last Text.

The internet star has over 10.9 million followers just on Instagram, which shows how popular he is. He also has more than 23.7 million TikTok followers.

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Celebrity Net Worth says that the singer is worth an estimated $3 million.

Jacob Sartorius Death

In 2018, Jacob Sartorius was all over the internet because he was dating Milly Bobbie Brown, who played Eleven on the show Stranger Things. Seventeen magazine says that they were together for seven months before they broke up.

Even though no one knows why they broke up, the two told their followers that they “are both happy and will stay friends” after the breakup. Brown said that they both agreed to end the relationship.

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