Jada Smith a Girlfriend of Tupac’s? All the Information You Need to Know About This Topic!

True or false: Jada Pinkett Smith dated Tupac Shakur Before their fame, Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett Smith were close friends. In high school in Baltimore, Maryland, they met and grew up together. Since his assassination in 1996, Pinkett Smith has used social media and her talk show, Red Table Talk, to pay tribute to her friend.

Before his death, Shakur admired the actress from the film Girls Trip. According to the rapper, he will do anything for Pinkett Smith.

Tupac Shakur will reach the age of 51 on June 16, 2022. Last year, the late rapper’s close friend Jada Pinkett Smith reflected on the day and their friendship on Instagram.

After reading an unpublished Tupac poem to the audience, Jada declared, “I don’t think this one has ever been published.” I don’t believe he would have objected if I had told you about it.”

The two became fast friends after meeting in high school, and Jada openly admitted her feelings for the rapper.

Was Tupac Shakur Ever Dating Jada Pinkett Smith?

Will stated, “That was many years ago.”I have many regrets regarding that. They had grown up together but had never had a sexual relationship. Now that they were of age to do so, Jada was with me.

He admitted, “I was extremely insecure and lacked the masculinity to handle the relationship.”

Which Tupac Shakur poem did Jada Pinkett Smith share?
In an Instagram video posted before his birthday in June 2021, Jada revealed a bit about her relationship with the rapper.

Pac wrote me numerous letters and poems over the years, the host of Red Table Talk noted. I do not believe that this has ever been published.

I stated, “I don’t believe he would have objected if I had shared this with you all.”

She hypothesised that the poem inspired his song “Lost Souls” and that he wrote it while incarcerated on Rikers Island in New York.

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 Jada Smith a Girlfriend of Tupac's?

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What Brought Together Jada and Tupac?

Tupac and Jada met at the Baltimore School of the Arts in Maryland, where they were both students. She stated in an interview,

“On the first day, he approached me and said hello. Pac was also a bit odd-looking during his high school years. From what I could see, he did not appear to be the type of cat I would want to deal with.

Tupac was dubbed “a magnet” by Jada, and the two became fast friends.

According to Jada, there was “no physical chemistry” between Tupac and her, but “he was like a brother” to her.

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Was Jada Pinkett Smith Present at the Death of Tupac?

In the 1990s, Pinkett Smith’s Hollywood career took off. After A Different World ended in 1993, she starred in films like Jason’s Lyric, A Low Down Dirty Shame, and Set It Off. Will Smith and Pinkett Smith began dating around the same time.

Assata Shakur’s relationship with Pinkett Smith was compromised by her new life. Before his death in 2015, the actor from Scream 2 and the rapper had ceased communicating. According to Pinkett Smith, Assata Shakur was “transformed” by her celebrity status. On September 13, 1996, following Assata Shakur’s death, the two became estranged. The “Hail Mary” performer was killed by a gunshot wound at the age of 25.

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