Japan: Inquiry into 2 deaths related to modern vaccine

First, Japan on Thursday, August 26, discontinued the use of more than 1.63 million moderna vaccines fighting Covit-19, following the discovery of contaminants in three blocks distributed in its territory.

Two men, aged 30 and 38, who received the second dose of modern vaccine from one of the three constituencies suspended by the Japanese government, died last August, according to the Ministry of Health on Saturday, August 28.

According to a report released by the Japanese Ministry of Health, both men had no health problems or allergies after the vaccine.

Therefore, an investigation is open to determine the cause of these two deaths, even if the ministry points out that “the link between cause and effect with the vaccine is not yet known.”

39 sealed vials were affected at 8 vaccination centers

A total of 39 vials of sealed modern vaccine were distributed at eight vaccination centers in Japan, including the capital Tokyo, according to the public television channel NHK.

Although the vaccination rate in the general population in Japan is close to 44%, the delta variant virus causes a record level of daily infections.

In all, 15,700 people have died from the corona virus within the archipelago.