Jenny Slate Net Worth: What Is Her Annual Salary? Latest News!

Jenny Slate is a prominent American comedian, author, and actor. Her performance of Mona-Lisa Saperstein on “Married… with Children” on Comedy Central and her recurring role as Stella on “Bob’s Burgers” on Fox has gained her a great deal of attention. In addition, Slate starred in the 2017 film “Gifted” and gave the voice for the character of Gidget in “The Secret Life of Pets” (also released in 2017) and its 2019 sequel.

Early Years

Jenny Sarah Slate was born on March 25, 1978, in the Massachusetts town of Milton. Professionally, she is known as Jenny Slate. Her mother, Nancy, was a ceramicist who worked from home, and her father, Ron, was vice president of worldwide communications at EMC Corporation and CEO of a biotech life sciences startup.

Ron is the author of the poetry collections “The Incentive of the Maggot” and “The Great Wave” as well as the 2016 co-authored memoir “About the House.”

Slate was the highest student at Milton Academy and grew up in a Jewish family with her older sister Abigail and younger sister Stacey. After graduating from high school, Jenny attended Columbia University, where she studied in literature and was a member of the improv group Fruit Paunch.

There, she met Gabe Liedman, who would become her comedy partner later on. In 2004, Slate graduated with degrees in both English and Comparative Literature from the same university.

Jenny Slate Net Worth

Due to their busy schedules, Gabe and Jenny stopped performing “Big Terrific” in 2015. Jenny performed “Jenny Slate: Dead Millionaire” at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2008 and 2009. In 2009, she also recurred in the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” comedy “7th Floor West.”

In the same year, she appeared on “Important Things with Demetri Martin,” “Brothers,” and “Bored to Death” and joined “Saturday Night Live,” accidently dropping an F-bomb during her debut appearance. In 2010, Slate co-wrote and provided the voice for “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” and its 2011 and 2014 sequels. In 2011, she starred in “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked,” “This Means War,” and “The Lorax” as Mrs. Wiggins (2012).

Jenny voiced Tammy Larsen on “Bob’s Burgers” in 2012. She made recurring appearances on “Parks and Recreation” and “House of Lies” in 2013. She produced and starred in “Obvious Child,” co-starred with Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde in “The Longest Week,” and appeared as a guest star on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in 2014.

In 2016, she lent her voice to the characters Dawn Bellwether in “Zootopia” and Gidget in “The Secret Life of Pets,” which grossed $1.02 billion and $875 million, respectively. She reprises her role as Gidget in “The Secret Life of Pets 2” in 2019. Slate appeared in “Landline,” “The Polka King,” “Gifted,” and “Aardvark” in 2017, and she portrayed Harley Quinn in “The Lego Batman Movie” and Valeria Da Vinci in “Despicable Me 3.” She will also voice Missy Foreman-Greenwald and other characters on Netflix’s “Big Mouth” in June 2020, adding, “At the beginning of the program, I reasoned it was okay for me to portray Missy because her mother is Jewish and white — as am I. But Missy is Black, and Black people must voice animated Black characters.”

Jenny featured opposite Jodie Foster and Jeff Goldblum in “Hotel Artemis” in 2018. She also provided the voice for Miss Nanny in “Muppet Babies” and as Dr. Dora Skirth in “Venom,” which grossed $856,1 million worldwide. She produced and starred in “The Sunlit Night” and “On the Rocks” and contributed her voice to “The Simpsons” (2019), “Elena of Avalor” (2020), and “The Great North” (2021). In 2019, Slate got her own Netflix stand-up special, “Jenny Slate: Stage Fright,” and she also appeared in “The Unauthorized Bash Bros. Experience” by The Lonely Island. She appeared in the 2009 music video for “Threw It On The Ground” by The Lonely Island.

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Personal Life

Jenny and Dean Fleischer-Camp divorced in 2016. Chris Evanson was unavailable from May 2016 to March 2018. Jenny and art curator Ben Shattuck are engaged in September 2019, and they are expecting their first child in December 2020. Later that month, the pair informed Ida Lupine about their engagement. “Motherhood has been the most significant aspect of my existence. I’m happy and fortunate.”

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JennySlate’s fortune

Jenny Slate is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer worth $6 million. Slate appeared in “Parks and Recreation” as Mona-Lisa Saperstein and “House of Lies” as Sarah Guggenheim.

The films “Bored to Death,” “Kroll Show,” and “Married” are among Jenny’s filmography. She has appeared in Bob’s Burgers, Muppet Babies, Zootopia, and The Secret Life of Pets.

Jenny Slate Net Worth

Slate produced “Obvious Baby” and “Landline” and created the shorts “Marcel the Shell with Shoes” and the web series “Catherine” in 2013. “Marcel the Shell with Shoes O: Things About Me,” “The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been,” “About the House,” and “Little Weirds” are some of Jenny’s novels.

Honors and Candidatures

“Obvious Child” earned Slate the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Film, the Women Film Critics Circle Award for Best Comedic Actress, the Newport Beach Film Festival Award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking – Breakthrough Performance, and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Virtuoso Award.

Obvious Child received nominations from the Seattle International Film Festival, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Gotham Awards, the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, the Seattle Film Critics Awards, and the Seattle Film Critics Awards.

“Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” “Zootopia,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” “The Lego Batman Movie,” and “Despicable Me 3” are among her many credits. She won 2017 Behind the Voice Actors Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Feature Film in a Supporting Role for “Zootopia.” Vocal/Motion Capture Performance nomination from the Hawaii Film Critics Society and an Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting for “The Secret Life of Pets 2” received in 2020; Georgia Film Critics Association Breakthrough Awards received in 2015 for “The Longest Week” and “Obvious Child.”

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Commonly Asked Questions

What Ethnicity Does Jenny Slate Have?

Her family as a whole identifies as Jewish. While one of her grandmothers was born in Cuba, she was raised in France.

What is Jenny Slate most renowned for?

Over the course of a decade on Saturday Night Live, Bob’s Burgers, and Parks and Recreation, her sensibility has earned her a place in the public consciousness. Her most famous role was as Mona-Lisa Saperstein in the NBC sitcom, where she had a brief but memorable appearance.

Are Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate Friends?

Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate are inextricably linked as the turbulent Saperstein siblings. In actuality, the two are less disorderly.