Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth: What Illness Does He Suffer From? Latest News!

The son of Elmo and Mamie Lewis, he was born in Ferriday, Concordia Parish, Louisiana, on September 29, 1935. Lewis, who has always enjoyed music, started playing the piano at an early age. His dedication to the instrument pushed his impoverished parents to mortgage their land to purchase one for him.

However, they desired that he utilise his talent in the church. He was enrolled in the Southwestern Bible Institute until he was expelled for playing secular music in violation of school rules. His expulsion compelled him to play in domestic clubs.

Lewis recorded his first demo tape in 1954 and proceeded to perform in clubs. In 1956, following a successful audition with Sun Records, he began recording as a solo performer for other Sun artists. During this period, he released a number of singles and hits, including Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’, Great Balls of Fire, and many others, which helped launch his solo career. During this time, he gained a great deal of popularity, particularly due to his unique piano antics on stage.

Lewis’s path to success quickly got thorny, however, when it was revealed in 1958 that his third wife, Myra Gale Brown, was his first cousin at the age of 13. The then 22-year-old musician was met with a barrage of condemnation from stakeholders and the general public.

The conflict was so intense that after three shows this year, his tour was cancelled. But that was not all: Lewis’s marriage controversy cost him support from his most ardent followers. The pianist’s concert fees increased from $10,000 per night to $250 per night in small venues.

After his contract with Sun Records expired in 1963, he transferred to Smash Records, where he released numerous commercially unsuccessful songs. Towards the end of his contract with Smash, though, Lewis adopted Eddie Kilroy’s suggestion to record a single in Nashville. As a result, he recorded the Jerry Chestnut song Another Place, Another Time, which unexpectedly topped the country charts and reintroduced him to the spotlight.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1979. Lewis continues to play in concerts and is earning more industry recognition.

Gross Worth of Jerry Lee Lewis

Recent estimates place Jerry Lee Lewis’s net worth at $15 million. Even though he hasn’t recorded any new albums, he continues to earn a great deal of money from his past hits. The pianist also gets money through concert performances.

Family: Partner or Spouse, Children, Cousin

In the 1950s, the news of Lewis’ scandalous marriage to his cousin Myra Gale Brown was met with such revulsion by industry stakeholders. Myra was his first cousin, first degree, with whom he shared the same grandparental ancestry, according to traces.

In 1989, a biographical film titled “Great Balls” of Fire was published, based on a book about Jerry Lee Lewis’ early life in rock and roll written by his cousin’s ex-wife, Myra Gale. Lewis stole his tunes and re-recorded them for the film’s soundtrack. The film depicted the artist’s connection with Myra, including the scandalous marriage that destroyed his career in the 1950s.

Seven marriages produced six offspring for Lee Lewis. 1952 marked his first marriage to Dorothy Barton. However, it barely lasted 20 months until the couple split up. His second marriage lasted four years to Jane Mitchum. Two children were born to the couple: Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. in 1954 and Ronnie Guy Lewis in 1956. In 1973, Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. was killed in an automobile accident.

Lewis’s third marriage to Myra Gale, his cousin, lasted 13 years. Steve Allen Lewis, who died in a swimming pool accident in 1962, and Phoebe Allen Lewis, born in 1963, were his two children with her. Lewis married Jaren Elizabeth Pate for the fourth time in 1971, producing Lori Lee Lewis as a result. In 1983, Lewis married his fifth wife, Shawn Stephens, who passed away 77 days later.

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In 1984, his sixth marriage was to Kerrie McCarver. The marriage terminated after 21 years in 2005. They had a son, Jerry Lee Lewis III, who was born in 1987, and in 2012, Lewis wed Judith Brown for the seventh time.

Is He Alive or Dead?

Jerry Lewis is still performing in concerts and is still very much alive. This contradicts claims that the singer for Rockability has passed away. After it was announced that the comedian Jerry Lewis had died, rumours about the singer’s demise began to circulate. Due to the similarities of their names and the fact that they were in the same industry, people confused the legendary comedian with the singer Lewis. However, Lee Lewis remains alive and well.

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