October 23, 2021


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Joe Biden brings in new Kabul troops to 5,000 troops

The US president is threatening the Taliban with a “quick and strong” military response to attacks against US interests.

While defending his decision to end the 20-year war in Afghanistan, Joe Biden decided on Saturday to increase the army to 5,000 in Kabul to evacuate civilians in the face of a Taliban lightning strike.

After consulting with his national security advisers, the US president announced that “about 5,000 troops” would be deployed to evacuate diplomatic personnel to Kabul airport, and that the United States would work in Afghanistan and fear retaliation. Taliban.

Recovery of the Lightning Taliban

The U.S. administration has so far cited 3,000 troops, but the state of the land is deteriorating faster than expected. The Taliban captured Mazar-e-Sharif on Saturday evening, the last major city in northern Afghanistan still under government control, further tightening its grip on the country.

According to a US military source, 1,000 troops will be flown directly to Kabul if the situation in Kuwait worsens. They will join the 3,000 Marines and 650 U.S. troops already arriving in the Afghan capital by the weekend.

“I will not give up this war”

Joe Biden warned the Taliban that “any action that endangers American citizens or our mission will receive a quick and strong military response.”

He defended his decision to end the 20-year war in Afghanistan, reaffirming that “a one-year or five-year US military presence makes no difference when the Afghan military does not want or does not want to defend its own country.”

“I am the fourth president to lead the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan – two Republicans, two Democrats,” he concluded. “I will not give this war a fifth.”