Joe Biden calls on senators to push for a “nuclear option.”

In almost every year poker game, it’s time to show your cards. In Georgia, Joe Biden has made a strong plea for two major reforms aimed at protecting the voting rights of minorities, from the lands of Martin Luther King and John Lewis. In Atlanta, Kamala Harris, on her side, called on elected officials to come into force By the “nuclear” option : By amending the rules of the Senate, these texts will generally be accepted by a simple majority (50 votes + Kamala Harris) instead of the required 60. Still to be believed by Monday A few reluctant Democrats, Especially Joe Mancin and Kirsten Cinema. Under the pain of the napkin The second big failure Within a month.

One year after the attack on the Capitol, according to Joe Biden, it is a question of “defending democracy.” Since then, in the name of the fight against fraud, almost non-existent, about twenty Republican states have adopted rules that tighten access to elections. Democrats will be more optimistic by 2020 or will need a photo ID to vote. In the absence of a National Identity Card system in the United States, an action is considered discriminatory. According to An estimate from 2006, Three times more black voters than white voters do not have such a valid document (8% vs. 25%),

“Philipster”, kill the double-edged sword

“Every member of the Senate will be determined by history based on their position before and after the referendum,” Joe Biden was quoted as saying. It indirectly addresses the cinema of Joe Mancin and Kirsten, both of whom have expressed doubts about the forced passage.

Traditionally, “Philipster” has allowed elected officials to make Philipster with lengthy text for any law, except budget-related laws. But for now, a simple threat is enough. It now seems almost impossible to get 60 votes in a polarized Congress than ever before. After all, Mancin and cinema, elected Democrats in the Trumpian lands of West Virginia and Arizona, see this fate as a guarantee of a search for reconciliation. Moreover, they warned that it would be especially dangerous to even touch it for these electoral reforms.

If the Republicans get a majority again in mid-November, they could retaliate and open this door. For example, to comply with national law requiring photo identification. Democrats have already touched on Philippester in 2013 to confirm federal judges elected by Barack Obama in the Senate. Under Donald Trump, Republicans made further progress by doing the same for Supreme Court justices.

Who is missing out on this fake poker game? We need to get it fixed very quickly: Chuck Schumer, the Democrat boss in the Senate, has promised to vote Monday.