John Ramirez Halloween: Check Everything About This Celebrity Here!


John Ramirez is a popular public speaker at both Christian and secular events.

He frequently appears as a guest on popular radio and television shows.

Formerly a third-ranking high priest of a satanic cult in New York City, John is now a vibrant evangelist who loves to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes.

Free Halloween Bash at Alexander on Thursday, Oct. 27

Purdue baseball is inviting fans of all ages to Alexander Field on Thursday, Oct. 27, for the program’s annual Halloween Bash, which will include trick-or-treating on the field following the team’s costume scrimmage.

John Ramirez Halloween

The free event begins at 6 p.m. with player introductions. The Boilermakers will be dressed in Halloween costumes, and fans who plan to attend are encouraged to do the same. The Halloween Bash at Alexander debuted in 2019 and returned last year after a one-year hiatus.


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As was the case last year, the event date of Thursday, Oct. 27 is subject to change in order to take advantage of the best weather conditions. The event was moved from Thursday to Wednesday last year to take advantage of a dry, 60-degree evening.

After a two-inning costume scrimmage, children will be able to take the field for trick-or-treating, receiving candy from the players. In the Alexander Field parking lot, there will be a beverage truck selling coffee and hot chocolate. Fans in attendance can redeem a voucher for one free regular-season home game during the 2023 season. Purdue’s 2023 schedule includes five home weekends and 23 total home dates.

In February, the Boilermakers will host their First Pitch Dinner in Holloway, as well as the popular Preseason Fan Fest inside Mollenkopf.

The remainder of the fall baseball schedule at Alexander Field includes an exhibition game against Dayton on Saturday, Oct. 8, as well as the three-game Black & Gold Series from Oct. 20 to 22. All fall ball events are free to attend.

What Does the Horror Genre Say and Teach Us About Ourselves and the Human Experience?

From demonic possessions and creepy clowns to serial killers, hauntings, and otherworldly apparitions, the horror genre has an allure that causes people to go out of their way and even pay money to watch or read it — especially around Halloween.

John Ramirez Halloween

Why are so many people fascinated by the horror genre? Is it just that we enjoy a good scare, or is there something more going on?

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Perhaps it’s a physiological response, such as a rush of adrenaline. Perhaps it’s the chance to be a part of a terrifying situation while remaining safe at home. Perhaps horror allows us to explore the darker aspects of ourselves.

Horror can also convey social commentary. In recent years, filmmakers have used the genre to confront the traumas of racism, as in the popular films “Get Out,” “Us,” and the reboot of “Candyman.”

Horror is a contentious genre. Some people adore it, while others despise it. “It Chapter One,” Stephen King’s 2017 film, did not win any awards, but it did gross more than $700 million at the box office.

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