October 25, 2021


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Julio Jones Trade Winners and Losers: The Titans, Ryan Danehill Rise After Falcons Contract Star Recipient

After several weeks of speculation about his future, July Jones Goes to Tennessee Titans, With Atlanta Falcons Set to deal with star recipient In exchange for a couple draft exams. In the wake of reports of his trade demand, most expect the perennial Pro Bowler to be settled, as well as on TV even suggesting he would leave Atlanta. Nonetheless, his move is significant, marking a new chapter in the life of an all-time Falcon and could give the Titans the NFL’s most physically imposing pass-catching duo.

Who are the big winners in the Julio deal? Who will suffer the most after the deal to take Jones to Tennessee? Here are our winners and losers from Sunday’s transfer:

Winner: Titans

Some of you may say “do”, but it explores. Yes, Julio’s numbers have dropped straight to two seasons. Yes, he clashed a lot in 2020. Yes, he is 32 years old and costs a ton ($ 23 million) This year. But the Titans’ most obvious need was in the bass catcher, where they allowed both Corey Davis And Jon Smith Walk. They are clear in hit-and-run mode Ryan Danehill And a premeditated emergency attack leading to crime. Now, they are proud of Jones – a Pro Bowl Floor If he’s on the field – connect, dare to say Julio Jones is lite A.J. Brown. What if things don’t go away? They could save money (7 1.7M) by cutting Jones in 2022, or they could save a lot more ($ 11.5M) by cutting him in 2023. It is worth a couple of future day two choices in 2022 seconds in 2023 seconds and 2023 in fourth place.

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Loser: Falcons

In more than one way. First, they have a stud WR, which will not exactly help revive new coach Arthur Smith. Matt Ryan Business (yes, this requires at least some refreshment). Kyle Pitts The bass helps to compensate for things in the catcher, but Pitts-Calvin Ridley-Russell Cage / Thaze Sharp No. Like Pitts-Ridley-Julio. Didn’t you dare suggest that Falcons fans should celebrate this because now the team can sign up for its own draft selections. When do we appreciate clubs bidding on players of all time so they can dig themselves out of their own financial holes? Julio may have liked it anyway, but it still refers to the Falcons who are stuck between trying (fighting / negotiating with Ryan, etc.) and completely rebuilding.

Winner: Ryan Danehill

Kinda goes without saying (and under the umbrella of “Titans”), but seriously, A.J. Brown and Josh Reynolds A.J. To Brown and Julio Jones? This is not an incentive; It was a bold hope injection, straight into the veins of his blowing hand.

Loser: Golds

A player is often not going to change a division bet, but Julio is not the most player, especially if he is healthy. Again, he keeps stepping on what he is The biggest part of the weakness in the Titans lineup. There is no age and recent injury history, but it should be the equivalent of AFC South trading for Superman to arrive while Metropolis begins to suffer. Translation: It’s great to see Tennessee coming back as division champions. Indianapolis will be even more challenging Carson Vents Will at least return to form, but the Golds certainly are not celebrating this for their rivals. Oh, and there’s also the fact that Indy may have justified this kind of move for his own playoff run.

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Winner: Julio Jones

Often he gets new scenes he is looking for. It is a kind of paradox that he left the newly crowned Arthur Smith regime for the place where Smith came from, not that it would have given Julio as many state-batting opportunities as he had in Atlanta, where he would have certainly worked on preparing late in the games to compensate for the microscopic defense of Matt Ryan and the Falcons. But look at it this way: without lowering the salary, he plays for more competitors, with a clearly defined No. 1 character than Atlanta, with Ridley and Pitts seeking more goals than A.J. Brown.

Loser: 49ers, Bakers, Seahawks

Like other teams Patriots, Rumored to be in Julio as well, but these three, in particular, even for one or two years, could actually benefit from the addition of such a stellar width. The San Francisco NFC title may come back into the mix, whatever it is Jimmy Caropolo Or Trey Lance Under center, and still young in WR. Green Bay can be used to attract Jones Aaron Rodgers Again in a high note, the pair are not mentioned Downte Adams With the new running companion for the title stream. Not in Seattle Required Julio, meanwhile, with both DK Metcalfe And Tyler Locket Rope, but boy his addition would have further strengthened the Seahawks at NFC West.