Kane Lim Net Worth

Kane Lim Net Worth: Why He Was Arguing With Dorothy Wang From “Bling Empire”?

Kane Lim Kane Lim is a socialite, an online personality, and the founder of the financial firm Kix Capital. As one of the stars of the Netflix reality series Bling Empire, he rose to prominence in January 2021.

In this post, we shall examine Kane Lim’s wealth.

Kane Lim’s Childhood

Kane Lim’s birthday is December 5th, 1989. Kane has underlined that his parents possess a billion-dollar real estate, oil, and shipping corporation, contrary to internet rumours to the contrary.

Kane has also been referred to as the “Black sheep” of the family. He is a graduate of both the Barker Road and ACS International campuses of Anglo Chinese School (ACS).

Kane completed a Bachelor of Arts in Merchandise Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California, between the years of 2010 and 2013.

Kane Lim’s Profession

Lim founded his own business at age 17. At 20 years of age, he received his first million dollars. He portrays himself as an entrepreneur, real estate developer, investor, and philanthropist on his Instagram profile. Kane resides in Los Angeles and is engaged in family investment activities.

He is really concerned with attire. On Instagram, he displays some of his exquisite possessions, including rare Audemars Piguet watches with diamonds and the newest Dior and Balenciaga apparel.

Kane Lim Net Worth

In 2021, Lim joined the cast of the new Netflix reality show Bling Empire. It was situated in Los Angeles and centred on an extensive network of Asian and Asian-American acquaintances.

Due to the show, he gained notoriety. Growing up in Singapore, he was not spoiled like other wealthy children his age.

His father attempted to get him to take the bus to school rather than accompanying him every day. The family is rumoured to possess shopping centres and office complexes. Lim disclosed to a 2019 interviewer that he began trading equities at the age of 17. He borrowed money from his father and repaid it in two months. Lim is now investing in Los Angeles real estate.

As of 2022, Kane Lim is estimated to have amassed a net worth of $20 million. As the creator of Kix Capital, the socialite derives the majority of his income from his business.

Kane Lim likely earned money with his Netflix series, Bling Empire. At the age of 17, he began trading stocks, and at the age of 19, he made his first million.

Shoe Collection by Kane Lim

His drive for high-quality footwear ultimately paid off. His shoe collection is estimated to be worth $300,000. He reportedly possesses over 300 pairs of high-end footwear.

Kane Lim’s Properties

Lim is actively involved in both the fashion and commercial real estate industries. This makes sense given that his family owns multiple homes in his native nation. In September, he revealed on Instagram that he is selling houses in Los Angeles. For example, Zillow offered a residence for over $2.7 million.

Does Kane Lim Accompany Dorothy Wang?

Kane Lim of Bling Empire recounts his quarrel with Dorothy Wang, a new cast member.

Immediately, tension was created between her and Lim; it’s even in the season 2 teaser! In the video, Lim asserts, “People like Dorothy only care about gossip and drama.”

Wang, on the other hand, thinks that she and Lim have something in common: “Kane has been trying to get lunch since 2011, and I’d rather fast for 87 days straight,” she says.

“There was never any peace since she was never friendly with me,” explains Lim. He claims he tried to apologise to his new co-star after they met “via mutual connections.”

“I tried,” says Lim. “Production said, ‘Hey, try having lunch with her,’ and I responded, ‘I’ll try it once, and if she’s rude, I’ll go,’ and that was that.

“It’s not even close to drama!” he says. I admire her forthrightness, but I believe we should all be more considerate. Don’t say anything offensive to me; simply leave. Don’t film me.” “I tried,” he admits with regret. Not everyone can be a buddy. Wang states, “We’ve never been in a relationship before, so we don’t know.”

She states, “I had no choice but to be with him.” Our realities are distinct; therefore, resolution is unnecessary.

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Lim claims that filming the episode has been “wonderful” despite the controversy. “This season, there is more drama involving my friends and acquaintances,” he explains. You must decide whether to end the friendship or maintain it.

“That, I suppose, is the beauty of this exhibition,” Lim explains, “that this particular place, like these wonderful friends I have.” I believe they will endure.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Kane a Billionaire?

The estimated net worth of Kane Lim is $20 million.

How Old Is Kane Lim?

Lim Kane is 31 years old.

Who is Dating Kane Lim?

Kane Lim is single at present.