Kardon Tiktok: How Rich Is The Celebrity Chief?

Evan Kardon was born in the United States on September 26, 1994, to American parents. Evan is his nickname, and he was born under the sign of Libra.

He graduated from a local private high school in his hometown. However, he has not disclosed any information about his advanced studies.

Who is Evan Kardon on Tiktok?

Evan Kardon, 28, is a TikTok fitness personality. He promotes himself as a powerlifter and bodybuilder and regularly posts about his gym accomplishments, including mirror selfies and lifting videos. He previously posted a video of himself performing a deadlift of over 840 pounds, an undeniably impressive feat.

Real Name Evan Kardon
Nickname Evan
Profession Weightlifter, Tiktok star, and social media celebrity
Age 28 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth 26 September 1994
Birthplace United States
Hometown United States
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For TikTok

He also sells fitness hoodies and other merchandise. He even has a YouTube channel where he posts TikTok video compilations.


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His boasts, on the other hand, aren’t exactly humble. Many of his videos feature him flexing his lifting skills on other fitness TikTokers.

kardon tiktok

His words can come across as harsh and unwelcoming, especially since he is physically stronger than the majority of them. In fact, most of his videos’ comment sections are restricted to mutual followers only, if the section is open at all.


Evan Kardon was a powerlifter before embarking on a career in social media. According to Openpowerlifting, he began competing in powerlifting competitions in his early twenties in 2017. He made his debut for 365Strong Federation at the Charlotte Europa Games.

The following year, he competed in the USPA North Carolina State Championship. He competed in two divisions this time, Open and Juniors 20-23. He was able to deadlift 727.5 pounds during this tournament. In 2019, he competed in the 4th Annual Raleigh Ruckus and deadlifted 744 pounds. However, he retired from the sport the following year, after competing in the North Carolina State Championship for the final time in August 2019.

Evan began his social media career in November 2021, when he launched his Tiktok account. However, it is unknown what he did after he retired from powerlifting. He began sharing short powerlifting videos with his followers after creating an account. He is also seen performing duets from other powerlifting videos.

His videos quickly became popular among a large number of people. As a result, he amassed a following on the app in a matter of months. He currently has over 842k followers and 53 million total likes on the app.

Evan Kardon’s Net Worth

Evan Kardon is worth $100,000. (estimated). Sponsorships, merchandise, and programs are his main sources of income. He collaborates with various brands to promote them among his Tiktok followers as a Tiktok personality with a large following.

He sells merchandise and programs through his official website. Evan has listed t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies with his own designs.

Kardon Tiktok

On the other hand, he has several programs related to powerlifting and deadlifting on his website. He has four programs, the most expensive of which is his Powerlifting Coaching program, which costs $199.

Evan Kardon Has Come Under Fire for Recent Controversy

In late 2022, outlets such as Sportskeeda reported that Evan had been allegedly sending texts to minors on his Instagram account, which appears to be deactivated.

Another fitness TikToker, @mrgoobreturns, reported findings that Evan has been initiating conversations with an Instagram user using a decoy account posing as an underage girl. Evan is also married with a child, according to Sportskeeda.

Many GymTok users have joined forces to cancel Evan Kardon’s account, publicly shaming him for his actions.

Evan, for one, has not deactivated his account and continues to post videos despite the controversy.

As of this writing, Evan had made no comment about his actions, let alone apologized.

Kardon Allegedly Texting Minors

On October 5, 2022, a TikTok user named Mr. Goob @mrgoobreturns posted a video detailing how he discovered Kardon was sending messages to girls aged 16 or younger.

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Another powerlifter, Arlind (Arlindthezerg on Instagram), who frequently does these types of exposes on his YouTube channel, set up a decoy account. The bogus account displayed a lengthy page of a girl who was still in high school and claimed to be sixteen years old.

kardon tiktok

Mr. Goob continues to display a series of texts in which the influencer messages this decoy account, mistaking him for a minor. Despite knowing her age, he continued to strike up a conversation with her. He even invited her to his hometown in North Carolina, where he resides.

Several GymTok users have banded together to cancel the powerlifter’s account, which is now restricted and has only about 700 followers as of today.

His only video is of two young girls deadlifting small weights, after which he shows off his 800-pound deficit deadlift with the caption, “Tag @tiktok to get them to unban me.”

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