Kelly Mi Li Net Worth

Kelly Mi Li Net Worth: How Rich Is Bling Empire Star Kelly Mi Li, a Business Owner?

Early Life

Kelly Mi Li’s birthday is November 13th, 1985, which means that she is currently 36 years old. Regrettably, we do not have a lot of information on her family, including the names of her parents and siblings. According to the information that we have, Kelly came to Illinois with her mother after the latter was offered a job at the University of Illinois.

Kelly’s father, just like Kelly’s mother, has some sort of connection to the medical industry. He was forced to leave the United States at that time since there were few chances for job there. As a result, he went back to his home country of China. After then, Mi Li’s mother was responsible for her upbringing.

How Much Money Does Kelly Mi Li Have, and Where Does She Get It?

Her professional beginnings can be traced back to the labour market. After reaching the age of 18, she started working for a life insurance firm in the city of New York. After that, she tried her luck in the Los Angeles areas of the food and beverage industry, as well as the real estate market.

She worked as a real estate agent and renovated the old property that The Doors legend Jim Morrison formerly called home. In addition to that, she held the position of managing partner at the talent management organisation known as East-West Artists. Mi Li was employed there for close to three years and four months total.

Since January of 2015, Kelly has also held the position of partner at Greyscale Lab. In addition to that, she is famous for founding Wet Paws Media.

The majority of Kelly’s money comes from the several technological fields in which she has invested. She has put her money into new businesses such as MeUndies, Nature Box, and, among others. In addition to her work in the business world, Kelly is the producer of a number of films and television shows, some of which are ‘The Swing Things,’ ‘Split milk,’ ‘AMP House,’ ‘Ice Moon Rising,’ and ‘Interface,’ amongst many others.

Kelly has recently been cast in the role of a series regular in the Netflix show titled “Bling Empire.” The show depicts the lives of affluent Asian Americans who live in and around the Los Angeles area. Anna Shay, Guy Tang, Kim Lee, Jaime Xie, and a great number of other celebrities will also make appearances on the show.

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Additionally, Mi Li is active in a variety of charitable endeavours. In 2013, she was given the role of International Ambassador for the charity known as “Well Child,” which is run by Prince Harry. In addition to that, she has worked with the nonprofit organisation known as “Pencils of Promise,” which constructs schools in underdeveloped nations.

How Much Does Kelly Mi Li Actually Have in Her Bank Account?

It is anticipated that Kelly Mi Li will have a net worth of $5 million by the year 2022. The majority of her fortune comes from the various types of investments she has made in the technology industry. She has also had a career in the entertainment sector, which is another factor that has contributed slightly to the accumulation of her personal wealth.