Kill Boksoon Release Date

Kill Boksoon Release Date: What to Expect From KB?



Kill Boksoon, an amazing new k-drama thriller, will be on Netflix in March 2023! The thriller stars Jeon Do Yeon from The Good Wife, making her Netflix film debut. Here’s what we know thus far about Netflix’s Kill Bok Soon.

Byun Sung Hyun is the director of the upcoming South Korean Netflix Original action-thriller Kill Boksoon.

Netflix offers a large library of TV shows, and that list is growing every month. However, the amount of South Korean original films has been substantially slower, therefore Kill Boksoon is a much-needed future addition to the Netflix repertoire.

Kill Boksoon Release Date

What to Expect From Kill Boksoon?

It tells the story of a skilled assassin starring Do-yeon Jeon. Murder comes naturally to her. She is familiar with it, and there are rules and regulations in place.

The actual task is becoming a mother, especially with a teenage girl in the twenty-first century. Add to that the fact that she is a single parent. Talk about putting in the long hours, earning your pay, and then dealing with the difficulties of basic caregiving.

Things begin to go wrong as Kill Boksoon (probably her nickname) attempts to extend her contract. And instead of everything going smoothly, she finds herself in a kill-or-be-killed position.

That changes the course of her life, and that’s all we know for the time being because this is more of an announcement trailer than anything else.

Nonetheless, we are excited. More examples of effective mothers balancing their time and duties are needed. Women who aren’t stunning, bold, or young are hard to come by. We are becoming older. But, of course, we do.

And, as we become older, it’s nice to see that television recognizes that we still go on adventures, save the day, and look after our loved ones.

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Which Characters We Might See in Kill Boksoon?

Kill Boksoon is written and directed by Byun Sung-Hyun (The Merciless, Kingmaker). Other actors in the film include Kim Si-a (Ashin of the North), Lee Yeon (Juvenile Justice), Jang In-sub (Who Are You: School 2015), and Choi Byung-mo, as well as Sol Kyung-gu (Public Enemy), Esom (Taxi Driver), Ko Kyo-hwan (D.P.).

Description and Explanation of the Kill Boksoon Trailer

Let’s check out the fascinating trailer synopsis!

Gil Bok Soon appears in the first “Kill Boksoon” teaser as “Jae Young’s mother” at a parent gathering. When asked what she does for a living, Gil Bok Soon kindly lies, stating, “I only work at an event planning agency.”

Gil Bok Soon comments humorously, “It’s such a paradox to be a mother while performing this sort of occupation,” as she prepares for her real job.

She dresses substantially differently than she did for the parent social when she enters the M.K. office to see CEO Cha Min Gyu (Sol Kyung Gu) and his younger sister Cha Min Hee (Esom), a director of M.K. ent.

“Raising a child is exceedingly difficult compared to killing people,” Gil Bok says shortly after. Gil Bok’s Soon finally joins forces with another M.K. murderer, Han Hee Sung (Goo Kyo Hwan), to finish her missions. Han Hee Sung is undeniably talented, yet he deserves to be recognized for other reasons.