King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

A 2022 German television series called “King of Stonks” doesn’t use the name of the scandal it is based on, but it does provide a hint that it is about the worst financial scandal in the nation’s history. The historic Wirecard scandal, which shocked the nation, served as inspiration for the series, which was produced by Philipp Kasbohrer and Matthias Murmann.

The “King of Stonks” series on Netflix uses a few artistic licenses while developing a suspenseful plot. So let’s examine how a firm that was set to list on the DAX index, that had earned the utmost respect from its shareholders, and that was steadily turning into a source of pride for the nation, engaged in something so unusual that even the regulatory agencies were perplexed by the disclosures.

What is the Story of the German Series “King of Stonks”?

One of the most thrilling initial public offerings (IPOs) in German history, CableCash was set to go public in a day. Magnus A. Cramer, the company’s CEO, didn’t always present such a flamboyant image. He used to be a reserved worker for a consulting company, and his coworkers used to make fun of him for his dullness and pessimism. A woman by the name of Jutta Katz established the business NetWorth twelve years ago. She wished to provide the forerunners of the economy with an online payment option, which was a relatively new concept at the time.

Because it was the most cutting-edge digital payment technology available in the world at the time, Deutsche Bank wanted to acquire the company at the time, not because they were interested in it. Two consultants from Steeler Consulting, a highly regarded company, were hired by Deutsche Bank. Magnus Cramer was one of them; it was obvious that he wasn’t content with his job situation and that he was destined for greatness.

Felix Armand, a digital whiz and former employee of NetWorth, was the brains behind the development of that software. Magnus Cramer had an idea for a strategy. They decided to thwart the transaction between Networth and Deutsche Bank. All he had to do was approach Felix and persuade him to support him.

The software-containing PC from the office disappeared overnight, preventing the two parties’ agreement from being completed. NetWorth’s sales fell off a cliff, and two people—Dr. Magnus A. Cramer and Felix Armand—who had been ridiculed and made fun of in the meeting—purchased the company for one euro. CableCash was created as a result of the rebranding of Networth. Dr. Cramer was prepared to do everything to attain his objective of joining the elite company of Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

The earliest clients of CableCash were those looking to hide their illicit funds. The Viscontis, an Italian mafia family, and Fabian and Till Hermann, owners of an adult entertainment website, were also there. These questionable clients were endangering Cramer and Felix’s lives in addition to the company’s reputation. When Felix came to their rescue and assured them that their money would be laundered because their customer base was expanding every day, they kidnapped Cramer and left him alone.

However, CableCash didn’t have any new clients. Felix decided to fabricate them by forming Shell corporations in their own employees’ identities. He was able to return the Viscontis’ money in this way. However, the arrogant CEO failed to learn from his error and placed more value on meaningless branding than on actually paying attention to the numbers and delivering on his promises.

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Cramer had assured the shareholders and investors that his business would expand by 30% in the first quarter. Felix, though, was aware that it was untrue. Felix was still concerned because their audit sheets would be examined and their cover would be revealed if Cramer gave a lecture at the Global Economic Forum after receiving positive feedback at the “Next in Tech” expo.

Sheila Williams shows up at the scene and furthers the mayhem. She tries to get close to Felix while going by the alias Amira Wallace. Sheila lied about her identity, claiming to be the heir to family wealth and the daughter of a business mogul, but in truth, she was a short seller who was just speaking with Felix to learn some inside information about CableCash.

Because Sheila was aware of the dishonest tactics that CableCash was using, she had taken out a sizable loan and gambled against the company. Dr. Cramaer and activist Julie Roux face off on the platform of the Global Economic Forum in the third episode of “King of Stonks,” as Felix plots a coup to remove the lavish Cramer.

What Was Felix Armand’s Expansion Strategy in Asia? What Was in Steeler Consulting’s Audit Report?

In the third episode of “King of Stonks,” we saw how Felix Armand’s well-orchestrated coup against Dr. Cramer failed and that he was unable to harm his reputation as badly as he had hoped. Felix was promised the post of CEO by Cramer, who believed that since he was the company’s brains, he was entitled to it. Dr. Cramer passed on giving him that role and instead gave him the COO title because he believed that having two CEOs would confuse investors unnecessarily.

Furthermore, Felix was not receiving the applause he had anticipated. He had been a part of Cramer since the business’s inception, and CableCash was made possible thanks to his code. However, Cramer consistently viewed him as an insignificant individual, undermining his views and opinions and occasionally publicly berating him for them.

King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

Furthermore, Felix grew more uneasy as Klaus arrived and formed a strong bond with Cramer. Klaus was a global power broker who had connections to the most important figures. Additionally, Cramer was aware that his ties would aid in their market expansion throughout Asia. Felix realized he needed to be part of the system to alter it and increase his chances of success after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Cramer. He requested that Cramer hand the Asian expansion strategy over to him alone.

He was aware that if he succeeded in carrying out this strategy, he might gain attention and be seen as a crucial asset by the business. In the meantime, there was a lot of concern that CableCash was concealing something by falsifying their audit sheets. The general shareholders and investors both urged an investigation. Sheila Williams was aware that if an impartial consultancy looked into the matter, the scams would be exposed, and she would profit greatly as a result of the share prices plummeting.

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Rene Luckenroth of Steeler Consultancy led the investigation. Once Steeler’s consulting was given the go-ahead, nobody doubted the company’s finances. Sheila knew Rene had solid relationships with Felix and Cramer as a CableCash contractor. Sheila claimed to be a DA in the parking lot. She cautioned him that the DA was skeptical of the corporation, and if his report was inaccurate or falsified, he’d be in trouble. Sheila knew this stunt would expose the truth. But it backfired. Steeler Consultants found no malpractice at CableCash. Sheila lost her money and was lost. Cramer later helped Rene Luckenroth avoid a barrier.

Felix planned to claim a $300 million profit when the company was losing money. He wanted to sell Tikksystem to Klaus’s Asian acquaintance for $2 million. The same billionaire will then sell the company to CableCash for $300 million. Then, Tikksystem would provide CableCash 290 million in revenue. CableCash might then report a 290 million dollar profit and raise its valuation.

Felix’s plan was successful, but an unexpected event set him back. Felix planned to tip off the Bangkok police, where they’d gone to negotiate a deal with Tikksystem, to get rid of Thai-Klaus. He planted narcotics on Klaus and waited for cops to arrive and arrest him while they ate. Klaus said he was leaving CableCash for greener pastures. He assured Felix he trusted him and that he’d done his job. Felix froze. He realized he’d made all the plans in vain because Klaus was leaving. He changes his mind and orders Klaus to leave, but it’s too late. Klaus was arrested for narcotics.

Cramer was aware that Felix was responsible for Klaus’ detention. By some miracle, he was able to free Klaus from the Bangkok prison, and he was appointed head of international strategy. Instead of receiving praise for his efforts, Felix’s scheme entirely failed, and his friendship with Cramer soured when the latter discovered his ulterior motivations.

King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

Ending of ‘king of Stonks’ Explanation – Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

Sheila located a new investor, and this time she was aware that the stakes were even greater because, in addition to having to make the appropriate wager, she also had to make good on the money she had stolen from her previous investor. When she met Felix, he was still completely ignorant of who she was. She exploited her proximity to her advantage during their private moment. She learned about CableCash’s fraudulent acquisitions and activities, as well as Tikksystems’.

Tom Wieland, a journalist she formerly had a close relationship, was prepared to publish the story in his newspaper. All he required was some proof, which Sheila now possessed. It was planned that Sheila would begin short-selling right before the article was published, winning her wager when the share prices fell sharply. Felix had decided to leave the nation because CableCash was a ship that was going down. He had planned to travel to Kazakhstan with Sheila, whom he still thought to be Amira Wallace, as his ally from Austrian intelligence could only get a passport for that nation.

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After he resigned, his driver, Sascha, revealed Sheila’s true identity. Felix was dejected and devised a scheme he kept to himself. Cramer wanted to be in the DAX group, which exclusively included significant German corporations. Similarly, he let Deutsche Bank buy CableCash. Felix took advantage of a drunk Cramer and had his say on film that Deutsche Bank would never buy CableCash.

He had to stop Tom Wieland from printing his piece. He threatened and scared him, but Tom had police backing. Felix rethought his strategy. He met Sheila in his favorite bar. Felix played his last card when Sheila gave him an ultimatum. He knew bar owner Mike Silver was a short seller. Felix acted inebriated and told him about Tom Wieland’s report. Felix knew Mike would short sell if he had such reliable information.

King of Stonks Ending Explained: Can Sheila Williams Disclose Cablecash? Has Felix a Backup Plan?

The next day, Sheila discovered that many people were short-selling. Tom denied telling anyone about the article. Sheila was dubious but put all her money in because nothing could go wrong. Tom pulled his article because he was worried about market manipulation. Before he could tell his editor, the story was published.

Cramer blamed Sheila Williams and Tom Wieland for market manipulation in a press conference. Felix’s scheme worked, and CableCash’s reputation was restored. Felix established his usefulness and requested Cramer for full executive control because he didn’t want to be CEO. Cramer signed the contract and praised Felix for almost single-handedly saving CableCash.

Then, news broke that Jutta Katz, their archrival and Deutsche Bank’s Digital Representative, had died in a plane crash in Brandenburg. Felix and Cramer suspected their new partners, the Visconti family and the Hermann brothers, caused the catastrophe. When Felix complained about Jutta Katz, the mafia told him she might always have an accident.

Felix understood they’d taken it too seriously and acted in good faith. Dr. Cramer and Felix Armand hope the mafia wasn’t behind the crash and that they won’t face any more issues. In future seasons of “King of Stonks,” we’ll see if CableCash changes its ways or if its fraudulent structure is exposed, revealing its masterminds.

The 2022 drama series “King of Stonks” was created by Philipp Kasbohrer and Matthias Murmann.

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