Kovit-19: What is anthropology, is it possible to vaccinate in German-speaking countries?

What if anthropology were a barrier to vaccination against Kovit-19 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria? In this philosophical-esoteric current, born over a century ago, maintaining the Steiner-Waldorf school network, “anti-Vox” theories are particularly pervasive.

Drowning in a serious new wave, the three German-speaking countries share a number of commonalities, with the top three places in Western Europe having the highest proportion of those not vaccinated over the age of 12. According to some experts, an explanation of the strong implantation of anthropological current can be found in these countries.

The most affected areas, from the Alpine space to Saxony, actually correspond exactly to the epoch of the development of this thought movement, “a branch of the romanticism of nature, a critique of power and science.”AFP Michael Bloom was an expert on religions and commissioner for the anti-Semitic struggle in Baden-Wர்டrttemberg, Germany.

Anthropology was started by the Austrian Rudolf Steiner in the early 1960s, in the 1960s, as a combination of Christian and Hindu beliefs, “karma” and “cosmos” and the New Age.

“This is the science of the upper worlds.” If the most sensitive parts of the world are recognized (souls, aras, …), they are education, agriculture, architecture, medicine, … “AFP Ansker Martins is Professor of Philosophy of Religions at Goethe University in Frankfurt.

12,000 active members in Germany

After this philosophical and profound current, Mr. The area towards astrology is spread thanks to the Velota cosmetic team formed by Steiner, the organic chain Alnadura, Steiner-Waldorf schools and their alternative education or agriculture.

“The head office is in Tornach, Switzerland, but the various affiliated movements are organized independently (…) It is not a centralized division but a very cohesive movement,” he said. Martins.

The so-called “anthropologists” are about 12,000 active members in Germany, but their influence will increase tenfold by the Waldorf companies. According to Martins, they share the belief that “everything in the world is good and there is”. A substance “, including diseases, so reluctant to vaccinate.

“It’s useful to get over them, especially childhood diseases like measles,” says Martins, who has about a thousand institutions around the world, including 200 in Germany. “Often measles was the starting point for infections”.

The law of karma

The Govt-19 epidemic has not escaped this hope: since 2020, especially in southwestern Germany, schools have been the epicenter of pollution.

One of these schools, located in Freiburg, recently made headlines demanding the exemption of students and teachers from wearing masks, on the advice of health officials.

“Many anthropologists still believe in the destiny of karma, according to which diseases make it possible to make amends for past wrongdoings and promote spiritual growth,” he said. Bloom says briefly.

“That’s why there are unfortunately a lot of doubts at some Waldorf schools,” he says.

Anthropologists did not respond to requestsAFP, Thus publicly expressing doubts about the veracity of the infection or the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Some have suggested relying on alternative therapies such as ginger and iron extraction from meteorites to fight the corona virus.

Protests against many of the restrictions in Germany were organized in front of Waldorf schools

The Federation of Anthropologists denies the allegations for its part. “We have clearly welcomed the vaccine from the beginning in the fight against the epidemic,” Stephen Schmidt-Troshke, one of its officials, told the ZDF this week.

The management of the school network in October 2020 also clearly distinguished itself from the active anti-mask movement in Germany and its “magical” statements.

However, many anti-government protests in Germany were organized in front of Waldorf schools, where a significant proportion of parents or teachers belonged to these schools.