Kurs arrested in corruption scandal

Austrian authorities arrested him on Tuesday, October 12, according to a media report, an employee of a voting company suspected of destroying evidence, leading to the first arrest of Sebastian Kurz in an investigation into corruption leading to his resignation as president.

He has been arrested by a trial court on charges of corruption involving former President Sebastian Kurz.», Writes daily Standard. She “Would have destroyed the hard disk of his computer“Before the government’s search last week, the newspaper adds.”The reason for the arrest was a collective agreementWith other protagonists, according to the same source.

Suspected of embezzling public funds

Anti-corruption case contacted by AFPNot recognizedTo reveal “Regarding ongoing investigations“APA News Agency Confirms Information.”Lawyers and government circles.

Last Wednesday, attorney Sebastian Kurz launched an extensive search as part of an investigation into suspicions that public funds were embezzled between 2016 and 2018 by relatives. The purpose of this kidnapping is to publish and finance false polls.

The scandal forced Kurz, 35, to resign as president on Saturday. He is facing corruption charges. He was replaced by a relative of former Foreign Minister Alexander Shalenberg. According to the prosecutor, ten people have been targeted by the investigation, including two women working at the polling station involved.