Laine Hardy Net Worth: Earnings, Biography, Family and More (Updates News 2022)

Affluence of Laine Hardy? In 2022, I’ll reveal surprising details about his fantastic life and lifestyle, including Laine Hardy’s net worth and other shocking facts. Are you anticipating? So let’s start by breaking the ice.

Debutante Laine Hardy hails from Livingston, Louisiana. He is a famous singer and the 17th season winner of American Idol. His musical styles include country rock, southern rock, pop-rock, and anthem rock.

Laine has gained worldwide fame due to his hard work and dedication. Laine Hardy’s net worth is $1.5 million and is expected to double soon.

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Facts / Wiki

Laine Hardy:

Laine was born in America on September 12, 2000. Her parents are Barry and Cindy Lou Hardy. His siblings are Brittany Banta and Kyle Banta. His parents are builders and his mother is a realtor.

He started in high school and graduated in 2018. When he was fourteen, he established a band with his cousins and friends and played guitar in restaurants and pubs.

Laine Hardy Salary & Career

Laine Hardy has always loved music and singing. A shopkeeper taught him to play guitar when he was seven years old. In 2016, he created a band with his brother Kyle, cousins, and friends. His band was called “The Band Hardy.” They used to play in cafés and restaurants.

In 2018, Hardy tried to become America’s 16th idol (by The Band of Heathens). He got to the last round but couldn’t qualify and was eliminated. On American Idol season 17, she was not a competitor. He came to help a friend.

His previous performance had fascinated the judges, so he was allowed to sing again. He fared much better than before and got a ticket to the Hollywood round. He astonished the judges in each of his following auditions and made the top five.

Johnny B. Goode’s “Johnny B. Goode” and Ray Charles’ “Don’t Need a Doctor” (Chuck Berry). After qualifying for the 17th season, he gained fame. “Flame” was his coronation song in May 2019. In April 2020, he sang “Life Is A Highway” on American Idol.

Relationship Status:

He is single. Laine Hardy is not dating anyone in 2022.


Laine Hardy is 21 years old.


His weight is 68 kg (149 pounds).


He is 172 cm/5’8′′ tall.

Laine Hardy’s Salary

Laine Hardy is an American singer. He is devoted to his career and works hard to gain fame and money. Laine Hardy’s net worth is $1.5 million and rising.


Laine Hardy is a successful singer and social media influencer. He has 584K Instagram followers and 164K YouTube subscribers, implying a large income.

How Much Does Lain Hardy Make Every Day?

Laine has amassed a fortune via his singing profession at an early age. But he hasn’t recorded his daily earnings.

How Much Does Laine Hardy Make Per Month?

His monthly salary is unknown. However, his recent 30 days’ YouTube earnings range from $591 to $1688.

How Much Does Laine Hardy Earn?

His YouTube profits alone reach $13472 per year. He makes $753 every YouTube video. He is a well-known singer who makes a solid income.

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Keep in mind that these are approximations.

Laine Hardy’s Fun Facts:

This section will reveal some fascinating information about Laine Hardy.

  • He has a huge back tattoo. His surname is “Hardy.”
  • Laine Hardy was first insecure about his voice and ability, so he went to the woods to prepare.
  • Laine got his first guitar from Walmart when he was 7.
  • His idol is Presley.
  • His maternal grandmother is Korean, hence he is half Korean.
  • He went on American Idol twice.
  • He changed his look for the American idol.
  • He claims he is inspired by his surroundings.
  • He is single and has no desire to marry.
  • He loves steak.
  • He got in an accident and had his teeth damaged, but they were fixed.
  • His first professional gig was at the age of fourteen.


Laine Hardy is a rising vocalist. He won American Idol despite his early insecurity. He established a band and released many CDs, gaining public fame.

He is also well-known on social media. Laine Hardy’s net worth is $1.5 million. His career is still young, and we may expect him to succeed even more in the years ahead!

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