Larry Kudlow Net Worth: 2022 | How Much Money Does An FBN Host Make?

Larry Kudlow is a former advisor to President Trump and current host on CNBC’s business channel. He is worth $10 million. In addition to his role as Director of the National Economic Council, which he held from 2018 to 2021, he also held this position. Kudlow has had a variety of posts in his career, many of which focused on economics.

Lawrence Alan Kudlow was born on August 20, 1947, in Englewood, New Jersey. That’s because he comes from a Jewish family. Larry Kudlow attended the private Dwight-Englewood School for his high school education.

In 1969, he earned a bachelor’s degree in the history department at the University of Rochester. He decided to pursue a graduate degree in international affairs and enrolled at Princeton. He’s 74 years old, having been born on August 20, 1947. Lаrrу sudlоw stands 178 centimeters tall, weighs 121 pounds, and is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Larry Kudlow

Professional Life of Larry Kudlow

His first job out of college was as a junior financial analyst at the New York Federal Reserve. But he quickly departed to pursue a career as a financial analyst at Bear Stearns on Wall Street.
Due to his extensive campaign work, Ronald Reagan recruited him to serve in his administration in 1981. He did a great deal of work for several different left-leaning politicians.

Therefore, he accepted a position as associate director in the Office of Management and Budget. He left his position as assistant director and came back to Bear Stearns 7 years later as chief economist. However, Kudlow was let go in 1994 due to allegations of cocaine abuse.

Kudlow’s professional history includes stints at CNBC and the Empower America board. Larry Kudlow participated in the American Skandia Life Assurance and Independent Institute.

He also uses the media to spread awareness of important economic concerns and his own brilliant ideas. He has been serving as director of the National Economic Council since April 2, 2018, upon being appointed by President Trump. It is now 2021.

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Personal Details About Larry Kudlow

Lаrrу Kudlow married three highly influential ladies in the fields of journalism and the arts. He officiated his first wedding in 1974 to Nancy Ellen Gerstein. A breakup occurred after a year of dating in this relationship.

He remarried Susan Sicher in 1981, but again, after only five years, the marriage was over. In 1986, he makes his third and final partner selection of Judith Pond. He had problems with cocaine and alcohol abuse as a result of his problems. Because of these problems, he was let go from his job.

Thereafter, he participated in a number of initiatives, but his conversion to Catholicism and membership in the Catholic Advisory Board proved to be the most fruitful for his professional and personal development. He experienced a minor heart attack in 2018.

Larry Kudlow


The various accolades bestowed to Lаrrу udlоw, including the coveted “Imbassadors of the Year” and “Discovery” awards, attest to his many talents. After being chosen by scientific on societies, he took a job as an ambassador for the award.

He received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New York Police Department. Catholic sisters from Queen Elizabeth’s court also bestowed upon the merchant their prestigious Humanitarian Award. The Rogue Communicator Award is another honor he has received.

Larry Kudlow’s Favorite Things

  • Favorite Actor – Robert Downey Jr.
  • Favorite App – YouTube
  • Game –  N/A
  • Sportsman – Neymar
  • Footballer – Neymar
  • Hobbies – Driving

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Larry Kudlow’s Net Worth

Larry Kudlow is a conservative economist, TV host, and newspaper columnist in the United States. He is estimated to be worth $10 million. Larry’s financial report from September 2019 shows that his stock portfolio and other liquid assets are valued at least $2 million. However, intangible assets like real estate are not included in this report. It also revealed that he made between $100,000 and $200,000 annually from paid speeches and consulting on top of the $800,000 he made from CNBC each year.


The Larry Kudlow Show: A Podcast

Listen to Larry’s thoughts on the economy, politics, and the stock market on his podcast, The Larry Kudlow Show 77 WABC. He is an unwavering advocate of free markets and capitalism, and he offers advice on how to succeed in the world’s rapidly changing economic and political climate.


A number of honors have been bestowed to Larry Sudlow. The scientific societies in the United States presented him with the ambassadors of science award. He is also the recipient of the New York Police Department’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition, the Catholic sisters at Brooks Brothers and Queens presented him with their Man of the Year award and also the winner of the Ragan Great Communicator Award, the Discovery Award, and the Master of Adversity Award

Larry Kudlow Suffers a Heart Attack

Larry had a heart attack one evening in June 2018 and was sent to Walter Reed Medical Center. There was a statement from the White House claiming that Mr. Kudlow had a “very mild heart attack.” That his health was stable and that he will recover completely.

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Larry Kudlow’s Fox Business Network [FBN]

At FBN, Kudlow works with a number of other well-known hosts, reporters, meteorologists, and sportscasters, such as;

Gerri Willis, Ashley Webster, Stuart Varny, Grady Trimble, Lauren Simonetti, Charles Payne, Kristina Partsinevelos, Liz Claman, Neil Cavuto, Cheryl Casone, Blake Burman, Maria Bartiromo, Gerry Baker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Rich Is Larry Kudlow?

It is estimated that Larry Kudlow has a net worth of $15 million.

2. How Much Does Larry Kudlow Make a Year?

His estimated annual salary in 2022 is $1 million, according to a number of different sources. His principal income comes from his work in the government and the financial industries.

3. For What Does Larry Kudlow Charge His Hourly Rate?

Larry’s day job is as the host of American Financial CNBC, and his other jobs include Director and Assistant to the Former US President.

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