La’s Finest Season 3: What Was the Reason Behind the Cancellation of the Series?

One of the most anticipated television programs, LA’s Finest Season 3, may air this year. Equal parts of comedy and action are dropped, and the fact that it was produced with two female leads enhances its appreciation and enjoyment. Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union excel in all they do and fully inhabit their characters.

Watching the series is worthwhile because of the timing between the two co-actors, who punch our guts out while being funny.

The Storyline for LA’s Finest Season 3

La's Finest Season 3

LA’s Finest Season 3 focuses on the world of the female cops with elements of the Will Smith film “Bad Boys.” Sydney Burnett, a former DEA agent, now working as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, was last seen pursuing a narcotics gang.

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Most of the time, outside appearances can be deceiving, hiding a horrible secret. Nancy McKenna joins her, a single mother equally frightened by Sydney’s elegant life, since they now have new cases on the line. The cessation of violent crimes in Los Angeles is symbolized by these two women swimming against the current.

The Cast of LA’s Finest Season 3

La's Finest Season 3

The actors playing the characters in LA’s Finest season 3 are listed below.

  • Sydney “Syd” Burnett, played by Gabrielle Union, is a Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant.
  • Jessica Alba As Detective Nancy McKenna,
  • Duane Martin As Ben Baines,
  • Ben Walker, played by Zach Gilford
  • Patrick McKenna’s assistant district attorney is Ryan McPartlin.
  • Playing Isabel “Izzy” McKenna is Sophie Reynolds.
  • Joseph Vaughn, played by Ernie Hudson.

The main players, including the two leading females, will return to our screens quickly.

Renewal Status of the Season 3 of LA’s Finest

This could be a covert indication by the creators for a future release of LA’s Finest Season 3 on Fox and Netflix. The episodes of LA’s Finest have already appeared on these two platforms. However, the perpetual uncertainty pushes us closer to the terrible possibility that the series will air late or not at all.

When Will La’s Finest Season 3 Be Released?

La's Finest Season 3

The first season of LA’s Finest, which Spectrum Originals debuted on May 19, 2019, was so successful that the second season had to debut on September 9. Although the producers called off filming after season two, the show has been permanently canceled.

We must wait till the events that have been building up in the future before LA’s Finest Season 3 is released. Season one is available to watch on Netflix for the convenience of users.

Reason Behind The Cancellation of LA’s Finest

The cancellation of LA’s Finest season 3 has no compelling justification. There is a notion, though, that the cancellation was due to Black Lives Matter demonstrations and George Floyd’s death at the hands of police, which led to the reaction many police officers currently experience.

Given that this show is about two cops and extols the virtues of the force, continuing it when police officers come under fire will be viewed as tone-deaf. At least that is why the release date for the second season was delayed.

However, given how popular LA’s Finest has been on Netflix (The Queen’s Gambit), there is still some optimism that the network would eventually order the program.

We will likely never know why LA’s Finest season 3 was canceled because the creators have never been open about it. However, that is only a fan’s theory and best guess. The cancellation might have been made for several reasons, including those related to the budget and ratings.


The tale of two terrible female police officers is always intriguing and, in a way, necessary to show the daring side of everyday life for regular women. Apart from the story’s positive aspects and concept, there is always a potential offending element. According to some articles, Season 2’s debut in 2020 was a bit delayed because of the continuous “Black Live Matters” demonstrations.

Even considering all the variables and the potential controversy, if something went wrong, there was no absolute dread in the creators’ hearts.

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