Leavenworth event 2022: List of the Top 10 Attractions in Leavenworth, Washington


Leavenworth In the early days of its metamorphosis into a Bavarian village, Washington hosted only a handful of festivals on weekends throughout the year. These included the Mai-Fest, the Autumn Leaf Festival (now the Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival), and the Christmas Lighting Festival. Many more events, such as the Bavarian Icefest, the Spring Bird Fest, and the Kinderfest, have been added to the schedule, but all of the original events are still there.

Before 1998, Oktoberfest was never celebrated in the community because some residents worried it would lose its family-friendly vibe if it did. There are currently three weekends of Oktoberfest in the month of October, in addition to Alefest in April, the Bavarian Bike & Brew in June, and two Leavenworth Wine Walks in the summer (June and September).

Every night from Thanksgiving until Valentine’s Day weekend, visitors can enjoy the Village of Lights, an extension of the Christmas Lighting Festival. It all started when Ted Price and Bob Rodgers decked out their Squirrel Tree Restaurant for a celebration. Once confined to a single December weekend, it has expanded to span most of the cold season.

In 1966, Village Art in the Park was created as a promotional strategy to redirect traffic from the freeway into the downtown area. Supporting local arts education, it has become the longest continuous outdoor art show in the Pacific Northwest.

List of the Top 10 Attractions in Leavenworth, Washington

1. Waterfront Park, Leavenworth

You can enjoy the serenity and a lush environment in downtown Leavenworth. Waterfront Park is one of Leavenworth’s best-kept secrets, downhill from Commercial Street. Follow the shaded route along the Wenatchee River. Relax on one of the many benches and let your worry melt away.

leavenworth event 2022

Spring is great for birdwatching, and fall is when salmon swim upstream. Small beaches line the river, excellent for a summer dip. Look for explanatory signs along the walk to learn more about this park. The entire trail is around three miles of easy hiking.

2. Front Street Park, Leavenworth

Front Street Park is just steps from Leavenworth’s shops, galleries, and restaurants. Front Street Park has a classic Maibaum (maypole), lush grounds for family picnics, old trees for shade, and continuous festivals, parades, celebrations, and concerts.

leavenworth event 2022

You can observe kids sledding or wandering with their parents to admire the Christmas lights. “Art in the Park” is held in Front Street Park and contains artists’ tents. The gazebo is a popular platform for performances and photography.

3. Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

Who knew humans were so fond of nuts that they invented tools to crack them a few thousand years ago? The Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum has almost 6,000 nutcrackers from Roman times to now.

leavenworth event 2022

Variations include the little wooden toy soldier from the ballet, Asian Betel cutters, European carved wooden figures, ivory, ebony, and porcelain figures, and magnificent Victorian silver nutcrackers. Some are beautiful, some are crude, but they all illustrate human inventiveness and love for nuts. The Wagners opened the museum in 1995 and gave the collection and premises to the city.

4. Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

The Leavenworth Reindeer Farm is a family-run reindeer farm in the Cascade Mountains. The farm offers unique tours and educational activities year-round. Visitors can get close to the farm’s gorgeous animals. All guests can take an hour-long tour of the Leavenworth Reindeer Farm. Tours must be scheduled in advance. Visit with closed-toe shoes.

leavenworth event 2022

5. Icicle Gorge, Leavenworth

The Icicle Gorge Trail begins 16 miles from downtown Leavenworth in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. This easy walk offers stunning views of Icicle Creek Valley. The hike offers great views of Icicle Gorge, Icicle Creek, and the surrounding forest.

leavenworth event 2022

The trail follows the creek’s barren and forested banks. Halfway there’s a tiny bridge to admire the scenery and take photos. Even kids will enjoy the three-hour circle. The name arose from mispronouncing the creek’s native name, Nasikelt.

6. Icicle Brewing Co, Leavenworth

Icicle Brewing Co. in downtown Leavenworth is a great place to sample local beers and learn about the brewing process. Head brewer Dean Priebe combines the clear, pure waters of the Icicle River with fresh, carefully picked ingredients to make exquisite lagers and ales.

leavenworth event 2022

Watch the magic unfold in the Company Production Facility from the patio or tasting room. Watch the stainless steel tanks full of ale or lager and envision the cool cavern storing beer. Feel free to ask questions, or better yet, grab a seat at the bar, taste some local brews, and enjoy one of the pub’s many events.

7. Leavenworth, Mountain Springs Lodge

Mountain Springs Lodge is steeped in family heritage and rich tradition, making it a highlight of the surrounding natural beauty. Visitors travel far to see the Mountain Springs Lodge and Conference Center, which opened in 1990.

leavenworth event 2022

The lodge merges perfectly with the lofty Cascades and huge fields around it. Visitors can enjoy the lodge, rock-sculpted pool, meadows, forest groves, and wilderness trails. The lodge offers fly-fishing classes, tubing, kayaking, and rafting.

8. Leavenworth, Washington’s Ski Hill

Leavenworth Ski Hill has been a winter hub since 1982. Families love cheap and free activities and events. Visitors from all around come to the historic Ski Hill Lodge to make memories with local children.

leavenworth event 2022

Guests can ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and visit the Lt Michael Adams Tubing Park. Leavenworth’s vast terrain and contemporary facilities offer world-class Alpine and Nordic skiing.

9. Leavenworth’s Eagle Creek Ranch

Eagle Creek Ranch in the Cascade Mountains is a family-owned, four-season horse ranch. Wenatchee National Forest surrounds the historic ranch in Washington.

leavenworth event 2022

Spring and fall horseback rides let guests explore the property and national forest. In the winter, the ranch becomes a picturesque valley for horse-drawn sleigh rides. Beginners receive a basic course before starting, and children can ride rope-led horses.

10. Sleeping Lady Organic Garden, Leavenworth

The Organic Garden is part of Sleeping Lady, a luxury mountain resort 3.4 miles from Leavenworth in the Wenatchee Valley. Guests can take a stroll, rest on a bench to watch birds and nature, or drink tea in the gazebo. The Organic Garden is a 2-acre food, flower, and herb garden surrounded by mountains.

leavenworth event 2022

The restaurant and hotel use everything from the garden. The garden is certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture and uses natural fertilizers, rotates crops to enhance the soil, and introduces pollinators and natural pest management such as bees and ladybugs.

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