Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery Before And After: Is She Famous?


Lee Da Hee is a well-known South Korean model and actress. Her physical transformations over the years have raised many questions regarding her plastic surgery history. What’s the Deal With Her Face?

Da Hee began acting in the early 2000s and has been in a number of films and television shows. She also participated in the web drama “Love Alarm” in 2019. She is well-known for her acting versatility and has received critical acclaim for her performances.

Lee also participated in the 2018 renowned romance comedy The Beauty Inside. In 2019, she co-starred with Lee Jae-Wook in the love drama Search: WWW as one of three female stars.

On July 3, she and Jang Sung-kyu were selected as hosts for the late-August premiere of the girl group reality series Queendom.

Lee also committed to an agreement with Ghost Studio in November 2022.

Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery Before And After

Lee Da Hee Plastic Surgery Before And After

After years of allegations, Korean actress Lee Da Hae admitted to having plastic surgery to enhance her attractiveness. In an interview with Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News,” the actress, who most recently appeared in the drama “IRIS 2: New Generation,” admitted to having cosmetic work done on her face.

“I was originally overweight,” she explained. “I had some remodelling done.” Similarly, model Da Hae competed in the Miss Chunghyang 2001 pageant. Her broad face, square jaw, and monolid eyes did not fit the high standards for Korean beauty at the time.

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She was frequently mocked for having what online users considered was an ugly face. She later had plastic surgery to have her eyes enlarged, nose lifted, jawline shortened, and lips filled up.

When her appearance was “enhanced,” her career began to develop as well. In no time, Lee Da Hae was scoring hit after success and starring in films such as “My Girl,” “East of Eden,” “IRIS 2,” “Miss Ripley,” and others.

Is Lee Da-hee Famous?

Her profession is acting.

Lee Da-hee has had a lot of success in her acting career, earning nominations and wins at prestigious award shows including the Asia Artist Awards and the KBS Drama Awards.

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