Lies Between Friends Ending Explained: Cassie and Luke’s Relationship in Purple Hearts!

Purple Hearts is the story of a couple who marry despite scarcely knowing each other for financial reasons. Cassie wants to be a singer-songwriter who works as a waiter to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Luke is a marine who owes a lot of money to his drug dealer. Cassie is unable to afford her health insurance, and Luke’s previous drug dealer is threatening him with jail if he does not pay the sum owed to him. When their paths cross, the notion of a phony marriage emerges.

However, the duo doesn’t quite click when they initially meet at Cassie’s workplace pub. Their personalities continue to conflict, but they decide to marry to improve their condition. And things are never easy for the couple. Cassie and Luke struggle to appear to be a genuine couple after a disagreement over lunch. But, in the end, they keep “faking it,” and their attraction becomes evident. As a result, Cassie and Luke have sex just before he is shipped to Iraq.

While Luke is serving in Iraq, Cassie keeps working as a waitress and performing, and Luke frequently FaceTimes her. Cassie and Luke are beginning to feel something for one another, even though their motivation may initially be to persuade others of their love for one another. After Cassie celebrates one of her songs going viral, tragedy strikes.

She finds out that Luke suffered a catastrophic injury in Iraq, breaking both of his legs. As a result, when she goes to tell his brother, she finds Jacob, who does not think highly of Luke. However, the devastating news that Frankie, a marine who was about to pop the question to his fiancée, had died in battle, is shortly made public.

What is the Story of the Film ‘purple Hearts’?

Cassie is a young woman who works as a server at a bar and performs cover songs there with her band. She lives alone in a little apartment she rents. She is fairly progressive and socially aware, as evidenced by the rainbow flag and BLM flag flying from the balcony of her flat. But Cassie, who has type 1 diabetes as well, has been finding it difficult to pay for her expensive insulin prescriptions.

Cassie asserts that she will do just fine on her own despite her mother’s willingness to try to find a way to assist her daughter; she says she wants to be independent and is aware of her mother’s difficult financial circumstances. One day while performing and working at the bar, Cassie encounters a group of just enlisted US Marines, including Frankie, a buddy from her youth. The other young males in the group attempt to flirt with Cassie and her buddy when they catch up, much to their annoyance as the men are very sexist.

What is the Story of the Film 'purple Hearts'?

Naturally, Cassie seems to have a “no-soldier policy” when it comes to dating, but one of the Marines, a tall, well-built man named Luke, is sort of after her. The man tries to explain to Cassie the value of the Marines in defending the country, but Cassie is uninterested in learning anything and brushes him off. However, as the cost of her insulin medication rises and her rent is due, Cassie is forced to come up with a plan based on something she overheard.

At Frankie’s house, she approaches him and explains her plan: they should be married so that Cassie would receive a monthly allowance for being a Marine wife and Frankie would receive additional income each month for being married. Luke enters the scene and declares that this is a scam that would undoubtedly be prosecuted by the authorities and that such a scheme would be deceiving the government while Frankie rejects the notion because he already has a girlfriend whom he intends to marry.

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Luke has his problems in life despite being such a great patriot because of his former drug-addicted way of life. It finds out that he still owes the neighborhood dealer, Johnno, nearly $15,000, and that Johnno demands payment in full before the freshly enlisted Marine is deployed to serve in Iraq. Due to this, his brother has also cut relations with him and his family, especially his father, has also done the same.

Luke now proposes the same strategy—getting married to Cassie—to increase his monthly income and pay off his debt, and Johnno agrees. Then, he pitches the plan to Cassie directly, claiming that he needs money but not specifying why, and despite the vast contrasts between them, she concurs. They intend to get hitched before Luke leaves, fake being in love over emails and video conversations, and then file for divorce after a year once they both have saved the necessary sums of money.

The couple soon marries, and Frankie gives Cassie the ring to keep safe for a year before sending Luke out to serve in Iraq. While they do pretend to be in love and exchange emails and notes, the two lead separate lives.

In Purple Hearts, Do Cassie and Luke End Up Together?

Yes! Cassie rushes to her dressing room to get her belongings before leaving. She’s so concentrated on reaching to her destination that she ignores her supporters. She phones Luke while traveling to her destination. At this point, viewers believe Cassie is on her way to meet with Luke, but Luke does not answer the phone.

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As Cassie drives up, Luke arrives on base to complete his time and says his goodbyes to his family. Cassie exits the vehicle and approaches Luke. She expresses her desire to be with Luke and promises to wait for him while he serves his term. Cassie concludes her heartfelt statement by telling Luke how much she adores him. Luke is hesitant to respond at first, but then he tells Cassie that he loves her as well. Cassie and Luke exchange passionate kisses while Luke’s family cheers them on.

Lies Between Friends: Cassie and Luke's Relationship in Purple Hearts

After they have finished kissing, Luke hands Cassie his ring and urges her to take excellent care of it before walking away to get into a van. Cassie places the ring on her finger as she watches Luke leave. Cassie continually cries “I love you” to Luke as the van begins to move away.

The story then jumps ahead six months, with Luke now a free man. Cassie and Luke are shown walking their dog to the beach for a picnic. They appear to be happily in love as they walk around the beach. Cassie and Luke run into the water holding hands at the end of the film.

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