January 27, 2022


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Light, odor loss, severe fatigue … What we know about the new symptoms associated with the Omicron variant

Very contagious, the new variant coming from South Africa is very difficult to detect with mild symptoms and two new warning signs.

Angelique Kotzi, a South African physician, was the first to diagnose the Omigron variant. According to him, two new symptoms are characteristic of the new strain of SARS-Cowie-2: high pulse and extreme fatigue.

But unlike the other stages of the epidemic known to the world for two years, none of its patients experienced the usual loss of taste or smell.

It was in Pretoria, in early November, that Dr. Angelique Kotzi first noticed that corona virus-positive patients exhibited a number of strange symptoms.

Therefore, none of his patients exhibited loss of taste or odor, which is characteristic of earlier versions of Kovit-19. They also had abnormal signals such as severe fatigue and high heart rate.

“Their symptoms are very different and much milder than the ones I have treated before,” he said Dr. Kotzi or Telegraph.

A family of four pushed the doctor to warn health officials in his country. All four were confirmed to have corona infection and exhibited severe fatigue.

The first elements of the variant are currently being analyzed very accurately to assess its potential risk. Dr. Kotzi mentions mild symptoms. All patients treated by Dr. Godzi ended up “healing”. And the South African doctor brought the case of a six-year-old child, who was admitted to the hospital. “Finally, after two days, he was completely healed.” But the fear of the physician about the damage of this variation remains with the aging audience.

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This week, the WHO called Omicron a variant of anxiety. This strain is said to be more contagious than ever seen.