Live – Masking at school: Announcements are expected “at the end of the day”

United States

Republican-elected officials in the U.S. Congress on Tuesday called for the dismissal of Donald Trump’s pet White House medical adviser, Anthony Fossie, for managing the Govt-19 epidemic.

“Dr. Fossie was not chosen by the Americans. He was not chosen to run our economy. He was not chosen to determine the education of children by violating parenting, but Dr. Fucci has practically controlled our lives for a year,” Trump MP Marjorie Taylor Green was accused of calling for his removal. Introduced the bill.

The text had no chance of being approved in Congress, which is controlled by Democrats, but half a dozen Republicans elected representatives of the House of Representatives used their presentation to clear that the scientist had deceived the country.

“Dr. Fucci lied for months about the origin of the Wuhan virus,” Paul Kosher accused, referring to the huge city of Wuhan, China, where the virus first appeared in late 2019. He continued to provide “conflicting advice on the origin of the virus, the spread of the virus, the effectiveness of the virus, masks and vaccines, the effectiveness of social distance”.