London mounts pressure on EU for ‘changes’ in post-Brexit tariffs

The British government will demand its pressure on Brussels “Significant changes” In the protocol governing specific post-Brexit customs arrangements for Northern Ireland.

British Foreign Secretary Brexit David Frost, in a speech in Lisbon on Tuesday, October 12, urged twenty-seven people to prove themselves again. “Ambition and Desire”, According to a report released by Downing Street on Saturday evening, October 9th.

The Northern Irish Protocol, signed with the Brexit Agreement, introduces restrictions on goods coming from Great Britain into the British province, with the aim of preventing a border return to the island of Ireland at the risk of weakening the peace.

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But the deal is responsible for supply issues and is accused of creating a border in the Irish Sea. Anger over the speech sparked violence on the island in the spring, which rekindled fears of three decades of conflict that had killed 3,500 people until the 1998 peace agreement.

David Frost “Read carefully” And “Be as positive as possible” The European response to the British plans is expected on Wednesday, and will begin “Serious discussions soon”, According to Downing Street. He will point that out as well “Endless discussions are not an option”In the absence of a speedy resolution, London will not hesitate to suspend the protocol by implementing Article 16, which allows for breach of certain terms of the Agreement. “Severe economic, social or environmental difficulties”.

“Go far beyond the question of sausages”

The European Union (EU) is proposing a solution to the crisis, according to British newspapers welcoming the victory of the Boris Johnson government. “Sausage War”, By exemption from the ban – for the time being – frozen meat products from Great Britain in Northern Ireland“National Identity”.

But, according to the Downing Street News, there should be no solution “Go far beyond the question of sausages” And deal with “Basic”, Such as the role of the EU (CJEU) tribunal in enforcing the European single market laws applicable in Northern Ireland.

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According to parts of David Frost’s speech, “Without the New Testament in this area, the protocol would not have the support it needs to survive.”.

Such a demand inevitably runs the risk of running against the Brussels Commission’s denial.

According to a British government source, “The real question is whether the EU is ready for the necessary changes.”.

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