Lori Harvey Net Worth: How She Became a Billionaire? Latest News 2022!


Lori Harvey, an American socialite and businesswoman, is also a 25-year-old model.

Despite her family’s fame, Lori Harvey has carved out a successful career path for herself and has truly established herself. She has walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana and collaborated with a number of renowned fashion houses, such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Versace.

Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Lori Harvey’s net worth for the year 2022 to be $1 million, or just under £900,000. Her annual income is $500,000. Marjorie Harvey has a net worth of $50 million, whereas her famous father Steve Harvey has a net worth of $200 million.

Lori Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1997. As a horse rider, she was accepted to Florida College and expected to compete in the Olympic trials, but a training mishap caused her to fracture her back and tear her MCL.

The model Lori Harvey is well-known worldwide. Throughout her extensive and successful modelling career, she has modelled for some of the world’s most prestigious companies.

Harvey, a relative novice to the fashion business, has already established herself as a fashion icon due to her inherent beauty. In addition, she was just signed by two of the industry’s most famous modelling agencies.

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As a young girl growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Lori was also an avid horseback rider. Despite this, Lori opted to focus on her modelling career full-time in 2015 following an accident while horseback riding.

Personal experience has taught Lori what it takes to succeed in the entertainment industry. She recently walked for Dolce and Gabbana at the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, and she will soon appear in a Dolce and Gabbana advertisement. In 2017, Lori also attended the Met Gala in New York.


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Lori owes a portion of her outstanding fashion sense to the influence of her mother, which she shares with her stepfather. She is unafraid to push the boundaries of fashion, and her casually chic choices never disappoint.

Lori wishes to work with Gucci, Dior, Givenchy, and Fendi, among others, in the fashion sector. Alex Avant, the son of Clarence Avant and an entertainment producer, represents Lori.

According to her Forbes profile, by 2022 Lori Harvey will have amassed a million-dollar fortune.

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Early Years

Lori Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee as the daughter of Marjorie Harvey (née Bridges) and an unidentified father.

Harvey’s family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, when she was a child, and she grew up there.

Harvey desired to attend the Olympics and compete in the equestrian competition. She participated in several sports as a child, but a college injury caused her to abandon her ambition of becoming a professional athlete.


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Harvey was homeschooled for some time before enrolling and graduating from Atlanta High School. After that, she attended Florida College until an accident forced her to withdraw.

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Personal Life

  • Lori is reportedly single as of the time this piece was written, according to reports.
  • Lori’s last love was a Hollywood star named Michael B Jordan.
  • A source close to Lori and Michael has informed individuals that they have separated.
  • According to The Insider, “They continue to admire one another.” Michael was keen to settle down and start a family of his own after growing up in their relationship.
  • For the first time in a romantic relationship, “he threw down his guard and emotionally exposed himself to her.”
  • Consequently, nobody knows what caused the breakup.
  • After months of rumours, the couple confirmed their relationship with a casual Polaroid selfie on Instagram.
  • After they were spotted together on November 24, 2020, rumours began to circulate about their romance.
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