October 23, 2021


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Louisiana is under threat from “very dangerous” hurricane Ida

The southeastern US state of Louisiana is preparing for Hurricane Ida on the 16th.e Anniversary of one of the most severe weather episodes in the region: Katrina.

Typhoon Type 1 is expected Friday evening, August 27, with heavy rain and winds of up to 130 km / h in the province of Pinar del Rio in western Cuba, according to the Cuban Meteorological Agency (INSMED). More than 10,000 people have been evacuated and electricity cut off in the area, which has become a hotbed of corona virus outbreaks on the island. In the capital, Havana, near the province, public transport was halted as a precaution at noon, and thousands of people were evacuated.

The hurricane is moving in a northwesterly direction at a speed of 24 km / h. It previously passed through the Isle of Youth south of the main island of Cuba, but the wind and rain it brought caused little damage to agriculture and tore houses, including the roof.

The US Hurricane Center (NHC) hopes it could “A Great Hurricane” And “Very dangerous”, Which can reach Type 4 (scale 5) and can blow over 200 km / h on American soil.

“Serious challenge”

Joe Biden approved Friday to bring a state of emergency to Louisiana “Federal Assistant” Preparation efforts, voluntary and forced eviction orders have been issued in some places.

“The President will closely monitor the situation and announce the weekend events.”White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said.

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“This is a big challenge for our state.”, John Bell Edwards, Governor of Louisiana Concerned His state is currently facing a new eruption of Govt-19, which is undermining the functioning of hospitals.. “It’s time for the Louisiana people to prepare.”Mr. According to Bell Edwards, by Saturday evening, every citizen must be in a safe shelter:

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“Make sure you and your family are ready for any event.”

New Orleans Mayor Latoya Contrell admits it’s too late to make evictions: “We did not call for a forced evacuation because time was not on our side. We did not want people to be on the road, so at high risk.”, He told a news conference. “The situation is worse than it was six hours ago.”, She said, anticipating possible damage.

In 2005, more than 1,800 people died

Louisiana is often devastated by hurricanes and the trauma of 2005 has not yet fully healed, with Hurricane Katrina devastating Louisiana and killing more than 1,800 people. During this traumatic episode, New Orleans was 80% submerged, after the dykes defending the city had given way.

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Scientists say warming of the ocean surface makes hurricanes more powerful. In particular, they pose an increasingly significant risk to coastal communities affected by tidal surges caused by rising sea levels.

Last week, Tropical Storm HenryWith significant rainfall, the northeastern United States was hit, a rare occurrence for this region where thousands of people were without electricity.

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