December 1, 2021


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Maintenance. Vaccines against Govt-19: Dr. Mardi warns of “false sense of security” in only 2 dose recipients

President Emmanuel Macron announced this evening that people over the age of 65 need a booster dose from December 15 to verify their health pass. General Coach Haut-Garonnais Jérôme Marty returned to La Dépêche du Midi on the announcement of the President.

How do you welcome the actions announced by Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday?

The President recalled that there had been a steady increase in the circulation of the virus, so it was imperative to make further progress in vaccinating with respect to preventive gestures, especially with regard to the population at risk. This was to be expected.

Do you think these announcements will speed up booster injections?

As for booster doses, we can see that vaccinating those at risk is much slower than we noticed a few weeks ago. Do we have the will to pull our legs or do we have a false sense of security today with two doses of the vaccine? I beg for a second choice.

Nearly six million French people eligible for the vaccine have not yet received any medication: how to convince them?

This is a lot. However, blocking our hospitals is enough. The first wave killed 35,000 people in the country, mainly affecting the east of the country and Ile-de-France. This is 2% of the French population. If six million more people were to be vaccinated, that would be enough to “embolize” our hospitals. We need to be vaccinated, especially since we have the whole type of population that cannot be vaccinated: children. Spread the virus where the door is open! Young people will be carriers of the virus: other generations will need to be vaccinated.

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From there until the children are vaccinated?

No I don’t think so. First, there is the risk-benefit issue in this population, which does not have a severe form of Govt-19. There is no doubt that it will be necessary to wait for many months for this opening ceremony to take place.

How would you respond to those who are irritated by repeated doses and injections?

At this point we need to study how long the effectiveness of these vaccines lasts. Before moving on to the simple annual boosters, we need to see if the third dose will be the last dose. It is not currently known and a fourth dose may be required. so what ? What do we want? Do we stop vaccinations and vaccinations? We have no other useful weapon against Govt-19.

Will these announcements lead to a booster dose for everyone?

The vaccine was opened to people of all ages almost five months ago. Serological tests should be performed on those at low risk. In the coming weeks, we will also need to see if we have patients who are suffering from severe symptoms of Govt-19 and are rushing to hospitals.

This booster dose will open in December for those aged 50 to 64: are caregivers ready to vaccinate these new applicants?

Our problem is that we need to find specific time intervals for vaccination. Now, when there is too much pressure on bronchitis, gastroenteritis, and seasonal viruses, it can be very difficult for us. There is a strong demand for care that we sometimes have to set aside in order to dedicate ourselves to the vaccine. This situation, we did not experience it during the previous waves of pollution: no seasonal viruses.

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