Mandatory health pass for everyone in Monaco from August 23rd

Monaco’s primary (back) screw tightens.

On July 22, the Indigenous government announced the return of the duty to wear masks across national borders, excluding beaches and poolside. From July 24, the Monaco Administrator has ordered everyone outside the Chancellor to present a health pass at the entrance to bars and restaurants across the country.

This Tuesday evening, Monegask announced the extension of the duty to officials, residents and staff. However, for these three categories of people, this only applies from August 23rd.

“This period will allow individuals who wish to be vaccinated to complete the vaccination course.”, Justifies the Indigenous government in a press release.

This strengthening of the health system, in consultation with the National Council and verified by Prince Albert II, aims to prevent the number of positive cases for Covid-19, which continues to increase due to the dangerous spread of the delta variant.

“Recently, those treated in CHPG were not residents, and the figures adopted tonight show 7 out of 15 residents treated at the hospital. Most of the victims and most of the patients admitted to the hospital have not been vaccinated and the younger profile, The country’s health officials commented. Therefore, the princely state is reminded that the vaccine is the most effective way to protect oneself and others. “