Many died in the Kabul airport rush, and the United States demanded commercial flights

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, passengers wait at the airport in Kabul to board an Italian military plane en route to Rome.

Crowded airport and security threats: Thousands of people risked their lives to flee their homeland on Sunday, August 22, a week after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, while deportations continue in earnest. Conditions

Scenes of panic and despair that have been spreading for a week at Kabul airport have led to civilian deaths. The British Defense Ministry said on Sunday that seven Afghans had been killed in the crash.

The previous day, Pictures taken by Sky News It showed the bodies of at least three people, presumably crushed by a crowd at the airport gates, with American soldiers on one side and Islamist militants on the other.

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A journalist who was part of a group of newspaper staff and academics who were able to access the airport on Sunday described the scenes of despair to Agence France-Pres (AFP), where people stuck to their buses as soon as they entered. They showed us their passports and shouted: Take us with you! Please take us with you!The Taliban fighter in the truck in front of us had to shoot in the air to disperse them. “

In anticipation of a miracle, families congregate between barbed wire fences around the perimeter separating the Taliban from US troops. Roads to the airport are constantly congested.

“Mathematically impossible” to expel everyone

Since August 14, about 17,000 people have been deported by the United States, including about 25,000 Americans. In an interview with the ABC Channel, the US President Joe Biden made it known The United States plans to expel all Americans (10,000 to 15,000, according to some estimates), hoping that Afghan allies and their families (50,000 to 65,000) will be able to do so.

“Americans want to evict 60,000 by the end of the month. This is mathematically impossible.”However, Joseph Borel, the head of European diplomacy, ruled. The latter told the United States that security measures at the airport were very strict and that they were preventing Afghans who had worked for Europeans from entering.

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Thousands of people have already been admitted to boarding devices sent urgently by Western countries. Objective: Fear of expulsion of their compatriots, their diplomatic staff and the Afghan civilians who worked with them and retaliation from the Taliban and their relatives.

“No country can expel everyone”, Mentioned in Sunday Email British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace says the deadline expires before August 31, the date set by the US administration for the final withdrawal and withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan. “If the American calendar is maintained, we will not have time to evict the majority of the people who are waiting.”, He declared.

In an effort to achieve this, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced on Sunday that the Reserve would activate the Civil Air Force, which would allow the U.S. military to trade in aircraft. Eighteen flights were requested from six airlines: three American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Airlines and Omni Air and two Hawaiian Airlines and four United Airlines. A press release from the US administration.

These flights do not go to Kabul airport and refer to the text, but relay sites, especially those in Spain and Germany and the United States. “The reserve enables us to increase passenger movement beyond our own capabilities and allows the military navy to focus on aircraft entering and leaving Kabul.”, Secretary of State explains.

The Taliban are blaming the United States

A senior Taliban official said Sunday that the United States was to blame for the airport chaos. “America, with all its power and equipment (R), Unable to bring order to airport. There is peace and quiet across the country, but there is only chaos at Kabul airport (R). It must end soon. “Amir Khan Mutaki, the Taliban’s education minister and member of the movement’s political leadership between 1996 and 2001, said he had no plans to resign.

In films, in films Thousands of families gathered outside Kabul airport, hoping to leave the country

Six thousand heavily armed U.S. soldiers control the airport, but the Taliban patrol the surrounding streets, preventing many Afghans from reaching the airport. US embassy in Afghanistan on Saturday urged US citizens not to travel to the airport Potential security threats outside Kabul airport gates.

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