Master P Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Master P Make?

Percy Robert Miller Sr. is an American rapper, record executive, actor, and business owner who goes by the stage name Master P.

He started the record label No Limit Records, which later became New No Limit Records through Universal Records and Koch Records, then Guitar Music Entertainment, and now No Limit Forever Records. He also started and ran P.

Miller Enterprises and Better Black Television, an online TV network that didn’t last long. Miller first became well-known in the mid-1990s, when his hip-hop group, TRU, and his fifth solo rap album, Ice Cream Man, which included his first single, “Mr. Ice Cream Man,” did well. Miller became even more well-known.

Early Years

Master P, who used to go by the name Percy Robert Miller, was born and raised in the Calliope Projects in New Orleans, Louisiana. Master P grew up in poverty and lived in one of the most dangerous housing projects in the country, just like Jay Z.

He went to Booker T. Washington High School and did well there. He was on the basketball team. He got a full athletic scholarship to the University of Houston because of this.

He quit school and went to Merit College in Oakland, California, where he studied business administration as his major. He later dropped out of Merit College, too, because college wasn’t for him.

Soon after he quit school, his grandfather died in a tragic work-related accident in 1990, leaving him a check for $10,000 from a malpractice insurance settlement.

Music Career of Master P

Master P’s first album, Get Away Clean, was released in February of 1991. Then, in April of 1992, he released his second album, Mama’s Bad Boy.

Master P has also contributed to several highly successful No Limit Compilations albums as a collaborator. His breakout album Ghetto D was published in 1997 and sold over 760,000 copies in its first week.

Due to this achievement, Master P is now considered a top-tier rap artist, with his album being certified triple platinum. From 1992–1998, No Limit records earned over $120 million in album sales, placing them among the top labels in the business.


The best move Master P ever made in his music career, however, has nothing to do with the music itself. He inked a great agreement with Priority Records to distribute his music in 1996.

With this agreement in place, No Limit Records kept the rights to their master recordings and earned 85% of all profits. Master P has made millions from one contract alone.

Careers in Both Acting and Basketball

He became a household name thanks to his rapping career, and his fame helped him easily make the leap into acting. He has been acting in films since 1997.

  •  Uncle P,
  • Relatives of Uncle Willy
  • Mothers who play soccer
  • In a flash, it was gone.
  • Slayings in the Silver Screen
  • Toxic
  • Foolish

Master P has raked in millions of dollars thanks to his impressive filmography, which features roles ranging from pivotal to central.

Not only that, but his most famous role was as Romeo! And where his own son, Romeo Miller, played a pivotal role. In its five-year run on Nickelodeon (2003–2006), the show became a firm favorite among children.

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Master P played for the NBA for a short while as well. Pre-season contracts were offered to Percy by the Charlotte Hornets (1998) and the Toronto Raptors (1999).

He was not able to secure a regular-season contract with either team, but he did get to play in the 1999–2000 CBA season.

Master P’s Career and Awards

The early 1990s marked the beginning of Master P’s career, and he has since become a household name in the United States.

His first job out of college was playing basketball, but that job didn’t last long. His later record shop has appropriately titled No Limit Records.

His debut album, Mind of a Psychopath, was released in 1990. After the release of his fifth studio album, Ice Cream Man, in the mid-1990s, he began to receive widespread attention.

In the meantime, his hip-hop trio TRU had become rather popular. His platinum single, “Make Em Say Uhh!,” was a huge hit when it was released in 1997.

Master P has a substantial discography, with 15 studio albums available to date. Many of his roles in television and film have also contributed to his widespread fame.

He also runs his record label, No Limit Forever Records, and is involved in other enterprises. Master P is a multiple-award winner, recognized by the American Music Awards, the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, etc.

Master P Net Worth 2022

Master P is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and business owner with a $210 million net worth. Master P is a well-known and successful person in America.

He is a great singer, rapper, record producer, and businessman. He is well-known for many things, which have helped him stay at the top of his field. Master P’s record label, No Limit Records, has made him famous as an entrepreneur.

Master P Assets

Master P is a famous American who is known as a legend in the music business. He is a very rich and wealthy person, and his properties show that he is worth many millions of dollars.


Master P owns a lot of property in the United States, including his house in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, New York, etc.

Cars in a Collection

Master P has a huge amount of money and a huge amount of cars. He has some of the coolest, most expensive cars you could ever hope to buy. Master P has a Ferrari, a Mercedes Maybach, an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, and a few more cars.

Questions People Usually Ask

What is Master P’s age?

Master P is 52 years old right now (29 April 1970).

How much does Master P make?

Master P is thought to make more than $20 million per year.

What is Master P’s height?

Master P is 1.94 meters tall.

What is Master P’s wife’s name?

Master P has been separated from his wife for a long time.

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