Matt and Lisa Riddle’s 11-year Marriage Ends in Divorce.

Lisa Riddle, who dated WWE star Matt Riddle for over a decade, revealed their breakup over the weekend. On Saturday, Lisa wrote next to a photo of their three children: “Our divorce was officially finalised precisely one month ago when the court signed the paperwork. My children and I are grateful to everyone who has helped us through this difficult time, and we are having a great time on our new adventure.

Lisa revealed on Twitter that she and her boyfriend of a year had been splitting up for some time. Although Riddle was still actively working in independent wrestling in 2020, he was arrested and accused with sexual assault for his alleged abuse of Candy Cartwright in 2018.

Although Riddle did have an affair, he said that it was always an open and honest relationship. Cartwright had originally planned to sue Riddle, WWE, and former Evolve CEO Gabe Sapolsky in July of 2017, but the case was ultimately thrown out.

Riddle has been part of the winning RK-Bro tag team alongside Randy Orton for the past year. Due to scheduling conflicts, the six-man tag battle between The Bloodline and Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, and Riddle was moved from the main event of this week’s SmackDown to WrestleMania Backlash next week, where they will face The Usos for the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

matt riddle divorce

When asked about working together, Orton said, “I’m actually having a great time outside” in a recent interview with The Ringer. On Monday, I had to wear a cap and gown because it was graduation day. When they give me these ridiculous tasks, you won’t see Randy Orton in a cap and gown.

I was so excited to hear the supporters’ “what the heck is he doing?” responses that I couldn’t help but giggle. After the career I’ve had and all the sometimes monotonous intensity I did that for so long, I feel like you’re drawn in more if I smile, break the fourth wall, or otherwise show that I’m having fun now than if I did so earlier in my career. All that was discussed was people’s moral fibre.

They must believe that I am a savage who is hellbent on ripping this guy’s head clean off. I’m still capable of it, and my experience gives me leeway to occasionally act out of character or do other things that a newcomer could be penalised for. I’m pretty sure there’s a sign in Gorilla that says “no eye pokes,” however the parenthetical “except Randy Orton” could be missing.

matt riddle divorce

In comparison to the stuff I used to get away with, this is little more than an eye poke. I’m having a great time here and staying true to the heel persona that drew me to the dance, but I’m freer to let my guard down a little.

While at the Raw Event, Seth Rollins Brought Up Matt Riddle’s Divorce as One Issue in Their Feud .

There’s no denying the mutual hatred between Matt Riddle and Seth Rollins. Two celebrities have been fighting each other ever since The Visionary vanquished The Original Bro in Madison Square Garden. Tonight, he got really close to me.

Corey Graves spoke with Rollins and Riddle on this week’s Raw. Different people were sitting on either side of the two famous people. Both parties agreed to remain silent at this weekend’s Clash at the Castle in Cardiff. Riddle angered Rollins by claiming that the marital mantle belonged to Becky.


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Both were given microphones once the interview ended. During their disagreement, Rollins brought up Riddle’s previous marriage as an issue. The Monday Night Messiah states that when Riddle brought up The Original Bro’s divorce and wife, The Original Bro became upset and swore at Riddle.

Rollins told Riddle, “Your wife divorced you; she took the kids; and they don’t want to see your bitch ass anymore.” Next, Riddle threatened to “f*ck up” Rollins.

Rollins and Riddle were previously seen fighting in the parking lot before Raw. This entire conversation was captured on video. Their conflict will be settled this coming Saturday at Clash at the Castle.

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