Maxx Crosby Gay: How Rich Is The Celebrity Chief?


Maxx Robert Crosby (born August 22, 1997) is an American football defensive end for the National Football League’s Las Vegas Raiders (NFL).

He attended Eastern Michigan University and was drafted by the Raiders in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Raiders’ Maxx Crosby Sounds Off on Broncos Fans: ‘i Didn’t Like That’

The Las Vegas Raiders won their first game of the season, defeating the Denver Broncos 32-23.

With the team traveling to Kansas City to face the Chiefs next week, they needed to win or risk going 0-5.

The Raiders have gained some momentum and must be feeling much better about their team’s future.


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Unfortunately, the team is facing a serious issue. Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium haven’t always provided a great home-field advantage. That was evident on Sunday when Broncos fans flocked to the stadium.

Patrick Mahomes Acts Like a Tough Guy Against the Much Bigger Maxx Crosby

Okay, let’s tone down the macho act, Mahomes…

Patrick Mahomes, the consensus best quarterback in the NFL, felt compelled to engage in trash talk with the 1-3 Raiders on Monday night.

Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby dominated the Chiefs’ offensive line, which infuriated Patrick Mahomes.

Maxx Crosby Gay

The former MVP began trash-talking Crosby and the Raider’s defense after Kansas City took a 23-20 lead in the third quarter.

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Will Raiders Ever Have Huge Home-field Advantage in Las Vegas?

The presence of opposing fans at Raiders games in Las Vegas is most likely exaggerated. As Jacobs pointed out, a bright orange jersey stands out in a sea of silver and black.

However, it is undeniable that there are far more opposing fans in Las Vegas than there were in Oakland. It is and always will be a destination city.

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It’s straightforward: keep winning. Nobody wants to spend the money to fly to Las Vegas and watch their team get thrashed. At the moment, every team that travels to Las Vegas must believe that they have a chance to win.

Maxx Crosby Gay

The Raiders must eliminate that hope by constructing a juggernaut. That is easier said than done, but the team will have to put up with a lot of opposing jerseys until it happens.

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