MBit Music App Download:  How to Use – Complete Guide

This post will introduce you to a brand-new, one-of-a-kind mobile application called the Mbit Music App. This application allows you to customize video status beat-wise. You might refer to it as a Video status maker, similar to Musically and the others. At first appearance, you may believe that this is identical to other Music Video Clip Maker Apps for Android; nevertheless, you would be greatly mistaken.

Here, we will describe the Specifics of the MBit MusicTM: Among its users, the Particle.ly Video Status Maker is better known as MBit Music. Here, I’ll demonstrate How to Download the MBit Music app for Android as well as How to Use it to Create Awesome Videos on your Android Mobile Phone

What is the mBit Music application?

You’ve seen this mobile application on your friends’ mobile phones, in YouTube advertisements, and on other websites, and you’re curious about MBIT Music App Kya Hai? Before I explain how to use the MBIT Music App, allow me to explain what this app is.

As I indicated in the first line of this post, this is a Video Status maker application that allows you to create customized video status, video wishes, and videos on topics like Navratri, festivals like Diwali, Holi, Xmas, love, sadness, and virtually everything else that is trendy in India.

It contains pre-built templates, which you can use to make your own personalized Video message or the status you wish to broadcast to the rest of the world.

Once the Video message has been created, it can be shared on any available platform, including but not limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other Social media & Live chat site that you employ.

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Download Android mBit Music App

If you like to Download mBit Music App Apk on your Android mobile phone, then you must adhere to the methods outlined in the following section.

You must first navigate to the Google Play Store Page.

There will be a Blue or Green install button Simply tap the Install button there. Soon, the installation will begin.

After installing the application on your mobile device, you are ready to use it. There is currently no registration or login requirement.

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Using the MBit Music App

Here in this section, I’ll attempt to answer questions such as “How to Use the MBIT Music App,” “How to Use the MBIT Music App to Create a Video,” and “How to Use the MBIT Music App on a Mobile Phone.” Then you’re in luck, as I’ll demonstrate the exact steps to use the mbit music particle.ly app on your mobile device.

Here are the Steps; simply follow them.

After installation, launch the application. Tap on the Hamburger Icon (menu Icon) that appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.

On the Navigation Drawer, you will find several options, including My Creation, Feedback, Rate us, Invite Friends, Request for Song, Privacy, and more.

If you do not wish to be bothered by other Options, please do not. Simply tap My Creation to begin creating Video Status updates.

If you have never created a video before, This Video will display a blank page called No Video Created with the option to Create Now in the center.

  • You are required to tap the red button labeled Create Now.
  • You will now see numerous templates. Explore the Sections and select the one that best meets your Need.
  • Once you locate the ideal video template for your needs, simply tap on it to initiate the download.
  • Once the video has finished loading, you can tap on it to access the page for editing videos.
  • Alternately, you can start from scratch by clicking the Plus (+) sign in the bottom center.

However, if you are on the Editor page, you can modify the Video to your specifications.

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Here is the Function and Purpose of a Few of Those.


Add Music – Include music in the video. It will import music from your phone or from within the app.

Themes Are Where the Fun Is. You can add to your film the Theme that combines the Cool Vibrant color.

Text – IT will add text to your video, but you probably already knew that.

This choice appears on the left side of your phone in the form of a vertical line. It can be used to change the beats.

Simulation – alternate Look like Beats, but carry out an entirely distinct task. It is visible on the right in the form of a vertical line.

Extra Effects – Its name is misleading. Effects such as Cassette Music, CD Rock, Star Fall, and money can be observed.

Once you are finished experimenting with the editor, click Save. Click the Save Button, wait for the Video to be processed, and then perform the action you intended to perform with the Video prior to its creation.

So that concludes it. If you have any more questions connected to this post, please tell them in the comment box below. Feedback and any suggestions to enhance this website are welcome.

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