Mediapart, which was spied on by Morocco, files a complaint

The complaint was lodged on Monday in Paris Mediapart, a French information platform, After the information referring to the phones of his two
Journalists Spy by a Moroccan service
Israeli software Pegasus, Online media reported in an article.

“Cell Phone Numbers of Lennox Protox and Presented by Edwie Flanell (Co-founder of the site) is among the tens of thousands targeted by Morocco’s secret services using spyware provided by the Israeli company NSO, ”the online media confirmed, after publishing these revelations in several headlines.
dont The world, The Guardian And this Washington Post.

“Mile” journalists

“For months, the Sheriff’s Kingdom’s repressive machine violated the privacy of two journalists, undermined the freedom of the information industry and the press, and stole personal and professional data.

In its article, the intelligence media explains how this espionage of telephones, along with sub-details, coincided with the “repression of the independent press in Morocco”, particularly against intelligence journalist Omar Rady. According to Mediapart, the goal was to “silence the independent press in Morocco by seeking to know how we investigate in this area.”

A reaction from the French authorities

That is why the site points out that it has decided to lodge a complaint with the public prosecutor in Paris on behalf of its two journalists on Monday, so that justice can “conduct an independent investigation into this large-scale intelligence organized by Morocco in France.”

“Beyond the legal consequences, this attack on an independent newspaper by a foreign power requires a firm reaction from the French authorities, which is beyond policy affirmation. We are waiting for that,” the investigative media said.