December 1, 2021


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Merck’s anti-govt pill under “accelerated review” at the European Drugs Agency

Can Covit-19 be cured by swallowing a simple pill or can it be controlled in any case? After working for several months on this hypothesis, Merkin groups in the American laboratory developed Molnupravir. This Monday, October 25, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced the launch of a rapid review of this oral antiviral.

In a press release, the European regulator, based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), explained the decision with the aim of expediting the process and the potential application for recognition.European union The future. The move comes two weeks after Merck sought emergency approval for his drug in the United States.

During its clinical trial, a U.S. laboratory administered molnupravir to patients who tested positive for Govit-19 just a few days ago. According to the EMA, initial results of laboratory and clinical trials suggest that the drug may reduce the efficacy of SARS-CoV-2. […] Multiply in the body ”.

The disease is slowed by antiviral activity and according to research conducted by Merck, treatment halves the risk of being admitted to the hospital. At the same time, the lab is testing its second application Medicine, This method of prevention. Another clinical trial is currently underway to determine if molnuparivir can be successfully administered to those in close contact with the virus.

Easy-to-manage treatment

Now, the role of EMA is to determine whether this tablet meets European standards for performance, safety and quality. In the event of a public health emergency, when a drug or vaccine is considered reliable, the “accelerated” nature of the process is accepted.

However, from the beginning International spread, The opportunity to receive a treatment that is easy and complementary to administer vaccines is desirable by the entire scientific community. It really appeals to the promise that the extreme forms of Covit-19 can be taken with a glass of water at home by everyone, using a simple pill.

Molnupravir inspires that optimism, but this time it needs to be explored more carefully. Moreover, even if it is approved by the EMA, this drug does not produce a miracle cure: according to experts, it is not used alone, but rather in support of vaccines.

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