October 25, 2021


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Mississippi wants to revoke the right to abortion

In a court document filed Thursday, July 22, Mississippi asked the U.S. Supreme Court to rescind the federal right to abortion in the United States.

The Supreme Court had already agreed in May to consider state law prohibiting most abortions from the fifteenth week of pregnancy, even in cases of rape or incitement.

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Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch said on Thursday that the rulings establishing the right to abortion were part of a move that the U.S. Supreme Court will consider in the fall to a decision in mid-2022. “Shocking Mistake”.

Abortion is allowed up to 22 weeks

“This Court Should Cancel Rowe & Casey”, Two decisions made in 1973 and 1992, respectively, were written by the lawyer and judged “There is no basis for concluding that abortion is a constitutional right”.

A petition was adjudicated “Captivating” Nancy Northb, president of the Reproductive Rights Association, which defends the right to abortion. “Their goal is for the Supreme Court to usurp the right to control our own bodies and our future.” Not just in Mississippi, but everywhere. ”, He scored in a statement.

Usually the Supreme Court refuses to consider appeals challenging its row. Wade, who recognized the constitutional right to abortion in 1973, later noted that women could have abortions as long as they were pregnant. “Impossible”, Which corresponds to about 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Three of the nine progressive magistrates

But he agreed to take this law of the state of Mississippi, but was first barred by the courts and then appealed, suggesting that this might affect its earlier decisions. The political balance of the court shifted sharply to the conservative side after the appointment of three judges during Donald Trump’s administration, leaving only three of the nine progressive judges.

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According to experts, the High Court seems to have ruled that Roy Viva is completely invalid. Wade, however, reduces its scope by providing more and more latitudes to states to prevent spontaneous termination of pregnancy, which carries the risk of increasing regional disparities in the country.

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