October 23, 2021


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Moroccan journalist and activist Omar Rady sentenced to six years in prison in connection with the Pegasus case

He said he would always be prosecuted for criticizing the authority. At the end of his trial, a Casablanca court on Monday, July 19, sentenced journalist and human rights activist Omar Radi to six years in prison in a double case of “espionage” and “rape.” Agency France-Press journalist. The 35-year-old reporter has been in pre-trial detention since July 2020. He can appeal.

Through the Pegasus software of the Israeli company NSO, Mr. An investigation into “espionage” was launched at the end of June 2020 after Amnesty International issued an international statement alleging that Roddy’s phone had been hacked. This has been questioned in a new investigation by the International Federation of Media The world, Which lists the personalities who can be targeted by the software, in which Mr. The name of the radio will appear.

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“Attack on state internal security”

The Moroccan government condemned Monday “Lie” State Security Services “Computer software infiltrated the phones of many national and foreign public figures and leaders of international organizations”.

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Mr Roddy was charged d ‘“Attack on state internal security” And must have “Foreign Finance” In connection with “Intelligence Services” But “Rape”. In front of the crowded room, Mr. The judge announced that Roddy had been sentenced to six years in prison. As the verdict was announced, protests erupted in the room, with supporters of the journalist promoting a sit-in protest against the verdict in the center of the court.

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“The trial is motivated by revenge, not the search for truth.”During the public hearing of the trial, which opened in April, Mr. T-shirt and jeans were worn. Roddy announced in a confident tone, at a public hearing, in front of a criminal chamber in the Casablanca Court of Appeals. He had previously said he would be prosecuted because of an Amnesty International report.

One of the defense attorneys, Milot Kondil, declared himself “Disappointment” By judgment without saying whether he is going to appeal. “We cannot accept such a harsh and unjust verdict.”, He announced at the exit of the court.

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During his interrogation, Mr. Roddy was chargedளவு Intelligence In particular, two British economic consulting firms, G3 and K2 Consulting. The reporter said he had collaborated with these companies to carry out research on a Moroccan community and palm cultivation.

Another journalist, Imad Stido, 32, was charged in a rape case. He was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months’ imprisonment for “failing to help someone in danger.” Mr. Roddy was accused of being raped by a colleague. If the reporter speaks “Freely Approved Relationships”, He complained that he did not agree and that was the thing “No politics”.

Prior to the trial, Mr. Studo was introduced as the only defense witness in the case. Mr. Roddy’s version of Mr. Confirmed by the studio, was in the same room during the events. “The court wanted to ignore the facts”Mr. Stido said, he is free. By stabilizing “Consent”, “I defend the truth, not the friend”, Imad Stido told the court.

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The sentences of the two journalists were matched with compensation of 200,000 dirhams (approximately 19,000 euros) to the civil party, with Mr Stitto contributing up to a third. Acha Gulek, the plaintiff’s attorney, said he was going to appeal. Both individuals are being prosecuted “Public intoxication with insults and insults”.

Mobilization in Morocco

Mr. Roddy’s case is mobilizing in Morocco and abroad. Reporters Without Borders lamented the verdict on Twitter “At the end of a procedure distorted by malpractice, and therefore after he loses the right to a fair trial”. Amnesty International called on Morocco in a statement for justice “To give him a fair trial according to international standards”.

Moroccan officials said the judiciary was independent and that the trial had nothing to do with his work as a journalist.

Omar Radi has collaborated with the Moroccan and international media to explore corruption, the monetary economy or cooperation between power and economic circles. At the end of 2019, he was in custody for a few days before being sentenced to four months in prison “Contempt of Court” After a tweet criticizing a judge. A week ago, journalist Saulaimane Raizouni, During a 103-day fast, he was sentenced to five years in prison for “sexual abuse.”

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