What is the Status of the Investigation Into Mr. Tyre Nichols’s Death?


Mr. Nichols was employed by FedEx, a prominent business presence and employer in Memphis, where he worked the night shift. According to his family, he would “lunch” at their home every night at 7 o’clock. Approximately nine months had passed since he had started working there.

His son was four years old. According to his mother, he routinely visited the same Starbucks around 8:30 every morning. Shelby Farms, a massive public park west of Memphis, was a frequent destination of his.

Since he was a kid, he’d loved taking pictures of sunsets and skateboarding, but his stepfather didn’t think he was mature enough to do either.

Mr. Wells remembered telling Mr. Nichols, “You’ve got to put that skateboard down,” shortly before Mr. Nichols passed away. You’re employed full-time, at this point.

Mr. Nichols allegedly has a tattoo of his mother’s name on his arm. Those remarks boosted her self-esteem, she added. “Most children omit their mothers’ maiden names. My child has a perfect heart.

An attorney for the family claims that Mr. Nichols told police on January 7 that all he wanted to do was go home, and that in his final moments, he yelled for his mother. They reported her house was only a hundred yards away from where he was beaten.

How Did Tyre Nichols Die?

Nichols was killed after he had two confrontations with police in Memphis, which happened days apart. Relatives of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died during a traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee, have hired lawyers who claim video footage proves Nichols was subjected to a “nonstop beating” at the hands of police.

Tyre Nichols's Death

When Did Tyre Nichols Die?

The authorities did not provide any information regarding the purported altercation. After being sent to the hospital in severe condition, Nichols passed away on January 10th.

Prosecutors are currently weighing whether or not to press criminal charges against the police involved in the stop, and investigations are proceeding at both the state and federal levels.

The Memphis Police Department’s internal inquiry has already concluded that the officers involved used excessive force and did not intervene or provide assistance when needed.

Five cops, identified as Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith, were terminated from their positions on Friday. All of the policemen were relatively new to the force, having joined between 2017 and 2020.

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis issued a statement saying, “The heinous nature of this incident is not a reflection of the wonderful work that our officers perform, with integrity, every day.”

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The union that represents Memphis’s police officers has been silent over the terminations. Lt. Essica Cage-Rosario, president of the union, issued a statement saying, “The citizens of Memphis, and, more importantly, the family of Mr. Nichols deserve to know the whole story of the circumstances leading up to his murder.”

The Nichols family is demanding first-degree murder charges against the police personnel involved. Mr. Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, said during a press conference on Monday, “anything less of that we would not accept” after viewing the “horrific” images.

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