Mussolini’s descendants received the highest number of votes

Rachel Mussolini, the granddaughter of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, won the most votes in the municipal elections in Rome on Sunday and Monday, October 3 and 4. At age 47, the candidate of the far-right party Fratelli d’Italia (FDI) received more than 8,200 votes after counting to more than 97% of the vote, indicating the highest individual score among all contesting candidates.

Already a city councilor, Rachel Mussolini has insisted that her last name has nothing to do with her celebrity. “No matter how heavy that person is he is more important than his last name, He told the newspaper Republic, Including: “I have a lot of friends on the left.

Rachel’s late father Romano is the brother – in – law of jazz pianist and actress Sophia Loren. He was the fourth child of Benito Mussolini. Other descendants of the Italian dictator have entered politics, including Alessandra, the half-sister of Rachel, a former member of the European Parliament.

A disappointing score on the right

Right-wing parties performed relatively poorly in Sunday’s and Monday local elections in Italy, losing mayoral races in major cities such as Milan, Naples and Bologna.

In Rome, the second round is scheduled for October 17 and 18 between right-wing candidate Enrico Michetti, lawyer and radio presenter, and center-left candidate, former finance minister Roberto Qualteri. In the first round, Enrico Michetti received 30% of the vote, while Roberto Gualtieri received 27% of the vote, although many polls suggest he is the second-round favorite.

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