Ne Yo Net Worth: when the Year 2022 Rolls Around, How Does He Make His Millions?

Shaffer Chimere Smith is a famous American record producer, songwriter, singer, rap artist, and actor who goes by the stage name Ne-Yo. Ne-rise Yo’s to fame began in 2004 when he wrote a song called “Let Me Love You” for R&B singer Mario.

“Let Me Love You” is thought to be one of the best singles of the decade. Not only did critics like it, but it also got nominated for several BET Awards, MOBO Awards, and Billboard Music Awards.

The song became Ne-ticket Yo’s to fame and recognition in the music business. It was an instant hit and made a lot of money.

Early Years

Ne-Yo was born on October 18, 1979, and his real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith. Smith grew up in Camden with two parents who worked in the music business. He was drawn to music right away. Smith’s mother raised him for most of his childhood after his father left the family. When he was young, his mother moved him to Las Vegas so she could get a better job.

Early Profession

Smith took the stage name GoGo when he went to the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. This was an arts-focused high school, so Smith had to go through an audition process to get in.

He joined an R&B group called Envy while he was in high school. The group had a lot of success and was on TV more than once. The Envy broke up in the year 2000, after making a memorable appearance on MTV.

After Smith graduated, he focused on writing songs. Soon, he was well-known in the music business for how well he could write songs. People started calling him “Ne-Yo” because “he sees songwriting like Neo sees the matrix.”

Solo Career

In My Own Words, Ne-first Yo’s album came out in 2006. The album, which came out on Def Jam Records, had hits like “So Sick” and “When You’re Mad.”

Later, the album was given a platinum rating. A year later, he made use of his early success by putting out a second album. Even better, Because of You became the number one song on the Billboard Top 200.

Its first single, “Because of You,” did very well, but none of the other songs were big hits. In spite of this, the album went on to be certified platinum.

Year of the Gentleman was Ne-third Yo’s album, which came out in 2008. This album got good reviews, and hits like “Closer” and “Miss Independent” helped it go platinum again.

Ne-Yo put out a greatest hits album in 2009 after he had been a successful solo artist for a while. During the next few years, he went on tour and worked with artists like Mariah Carey.

Libra Scale was his next album, which came out in 2010. Even though the album got great reviews, it didn’t sell very well.

Songwriting Phase

Ne-Yo was first signed by Columbia, but they soon let him go. By 2003, Ne-Yo had already recorded and was ready to go with all the songs that would be on his first album.

His big break came when singer Marques Houston heard the lead single “That Girl” and helped Ne-Yo re-record it. Then, “That Girl” was on Houston’s first album, MH.

When people found out that Ne-Yo wrote the song, they saw that he was one of the best songwriters in the business.

What Ne-yo is Worth

As of this writing, Ne-Yo has made $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This figure is a mix of his work as a singer, songwriter, composer, dancer, actor, and record producer.

Ne-Yo wrote “Let Me Love You,” which was a huge hit for Mario in 2004, and “Irreplaceable,” which was a huge hit for Beyonce in 2006.

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Ne-Yo has three platinum albums that have been certified by the RIAA. These are “In My Own Words,” “Because of You,” and “Year of the Gentlemen.”

Property and a Collection of Cars

A news story says that Ne-Yo paid $1.9 million for a 4,310-square-foot home. This property is in the California city of Sherman Oaks. This house has a luxurious feel to it.

In 2019, Ne-Yo got $2.075 million for his 4,310-square-foot property. Ne-Yo has made a huge amount of money from this real estate deal, as shown by the number.

At the moment, Ne-Yo is living in a featured home in Georgia. His house is interested in —

Six bedrooms, five bathrooms, an open area, and high-end amenities
Ne-Yo also owns several properties in Georgia, which he bought in 2012.

When it comes to his collection of cars, Ne-Yo likes to drive the luxurious Rolls Royce. Besides, he drives Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. This Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG costs between $267,026 and $525,402 in the United States.

Legal Issues

Ne-Yo has had a number of problems with the law over the years. In 2008, he was arrested for driving without a license and driving recklessly.


Lindsay Lohan sued Pitbull and Ne-Yo in 2011 because one of their songs had her name in it. But the judge said that, under the first amendment, Ne-Yo had the right to say her name.

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