Nets and Ben Simmons Gaining Chemistry: Turning Criticism Into Positive Vibes

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the favorites to win the 2022 NBA Finals, according to odds you can find on online casino news, and part of it may be due to the chemistry they are finding through criticism In a recent interview with ESPN, Ben Simmons detailed his tumultuous last year through social media and through injuries and the difference in mentality he has this year due to his teammates and people around him. 


Simmons was the biggest talking point going into the 2021 NBA offseason after the Philadelphia 76ers crumbled in their playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. The most memorable moment of the 76ers demise that season was Ben Simmons passing up a dunk that would have liked left clinched the win for the 76ers, And it was a synopsis of his struggles in that series. 


Back and Forth


Due to that moment, comments came out from star Center Joel Embiid, head coach Doc Rivers, and many other critics talking about the letdown that happened during that play and Ben Simmons his performance. Simmons has always struggled mightily to score but is one of the best defenders in the league. However, weaknesses have been exposed in recent seasons, making him one of the biggest critiqued players on social media.


After back and forth with the Philadelphia 76ers, it was clear that Simmons and the 76ers relationship was too damaged to repair, and he was ultimately traded that the NBA trade deadline to the Brooklyn Nets for the star guard James Harden. 


The Brooklyn Nets had a defensive juggernaut on their team to combine with star guard Kyrie Irving and star forward Kevin Durant. However, none of that flourished, as Simmons’ back injury kept him out for the entire season, missing out on the 2021 NBA season completely. 


Back in Action


Simmons is now back practicing with the Brooklyn Nets, playing in preseason games, and looks to be ready for the opening night next week. But the biggest difference for Simmons is the chemistry that he is finding with his Nets teammates.


Simmons told ESPN that he has talked with teammate Kyrie Irving, who also is one of the most scrutinized players in the league, for his comments and unavailability to play the game, saying, “Me and Ky literally were just talking about it before practice. He’s like ‘Why is everybody on our heads?’ F—, we’re interesting people, I guess. Some guys you wouldn’t talk about because you just don’t care.”


The Nets Have one of the most scrutinized individual rosters in NBA history. Guard Kyrie Irving has been vilified around social media due to some of his views and his unvaccinated status, which forced him to miss many of the Brooklyn Nets games last season. 


Irving is also taking criticism for saying that she was going to stay with the Boston Celtics, and then leaving in the offseason, and requesting the trade out of Cleveland after they had won the 2016 NBA Championship.


Rounding Out Into A Full Team


The Nets also have star forward Kevin Durant, who was previously the NBA’s biggest villain on social media due to him leaving his drafted team Oklahoma City Thunder, to the already NBA Finals runners-up Golden State Warriors. Many people claim that Kevin Durant was simply ring chasing, and it has been a stigma against Durant for his career ever since. 


There will not be more individuals that will understand where Simmons is coming from and the mindset that he has had to deal with on social media than Durant and Irving. This may be the team, the players, and the environment that Simmons needs to go back to his All-Star level play.


Simmons said as much in the interview, stating, “I got support from all these guys, the coaching staff, the organization, so it’s up to me to go out there to do my job now and work. … It feels like home. It feels normal to be here and come to work.”


The Nets are one of the top favorites to win the NBA finals, and if all 3 of Simmons, Durant, and Irving can play most of the season together, they have a great chance at being the number-one seed in the Eastern Conference. Only time will tell if Simmons will find success in Brooklyn, but it does look like it has shifted to a positive side.

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