North Korea, which has blamed the United States for the Ukraine crisis, has fired a missile


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North Korea fired a missile on Sunday, February 27, just hours after the United States claimed responsibility for the conflict in Ukraine. The South Korean military announced the launch, noting what kind of missile it was. The Japan Coast Guard added“An object that could be a ballistic missile” Launched from North Korea. It would have fallen into the sea again east of the Korean Peninsula.

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This is the first shot after January 30th. Pyongyang is said to have avoided conducting missile tests during the Beijing Winter Olympics, citing its traditional friendship and vital economic support.

Even the last shot can happen The threat was made on January 20 Pyongyang to end ban on long-range ballistic missiles and nuclear tests from 2017 “To further prepare for a protracted conflict with US imperialism.”.

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The test, conducted on January 30, included an intermediate-range missile. Pyongyang has not launched a missile of this type since 2017, and was banned within the framework to reduce tensions on the peninsula in 2018, resulting in the first summit between North Korean and US leaders in Singapore between Kim Jong Un. And Donald Trump. The last nuclear test took place before September 2017 and the last intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was launched in November of the same year.

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New hardening

Since 2019 and as a stumbling block in negotiations with the Americans, Pyongyang has only introduced short-range models or tested new capabilities such as submarine-launched naval missiles or strategic offshore landing missiles (MSBS).

The new hardening of its policy and escalating tensions on the peninsula have complicated the US mission, focusing for months on the crisis in Ukraine and the South Korean allies electing their president. 9.

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Sunday’s shot follows Pyongyang’s first reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. In a statement posted on the Foreign Ministry’s website on February 26, Ri Ji-sang, a researcher at the International Association for Political Studies, blamed the United States for the crisis. “Military supremacy” Ignoring Russia’s security concerns. “The root cause of the crisis in Ukraine lies in the authoritarianism and arbitrariness of the United States, which has stuck to sanctions and unilateral pressures in its quest for global domination.”The researcher writes.

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