Is Not Dead Yet Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?


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Not Dead Yet is an American television comedy series. Casey Johnson and David Windsor are the creators of the series. And the production companies of the series are Windsor & Johnson Productions, Wonderland Sound and Vision, and 20th Television.

The viewers of the series are starting to search for a renewal of it, even though the first season is still going on. In this article, you will get to know the renewal or cancellation updates related to the series Not Dead Yet Season 2. Keep reading this article till the end for an informative of season 2.

Is Not Dead Yet Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

The comedy series Not Dead premiered on February 8, 2023, and the original network of the series is ABC Television Network.  Moreover, the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the news of its renewal, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from this, the filming of season 1 started in April 2022. The season’s last episode will be aired on April 19, 2023. And the ratings of the series are good, thus there are a lot of chances to return with a new season.

As of now, we can’t guess the release date of Not Dead Yet Season 2, due to the lack of official updates. Once any official statement is given by officials, we will update you.

What Could Have Happened In Not Dead Yet Season 2?

The series is primarily focused on an American news reporter Nell Serrano. She started to write the obituaries of people to whom she can see and hear.

The ghosts have conversed with Nell and helped her to write their obituaries by sharing their journey. Once the story of the ghosts was published, they disappeared which could be an interesting part of the story.

Not Dead Yet Season 2

In addition, we can expect something new in Not Dead Yet Season 2, which may include the reason why the people are unable to die. Season 2 of the series could continue to explore the repercussions of mortality and its impact on a character’s life.

How Many Episodes Are There In Series Not Dead Yet Season 2?

The series Not Dead Yet has 10 episodes in the first season which is released every Wednesday from February 8 to April 19.  The original language of the series is English. Therefore, we can expect the second season of the series will have at least 10 episodes.

Is Any Official Trailer Of Not Dead Yet Season 2 Available?

As you read earlier, the second season of the series Not Dead Yet is not confirmed yet by the production team. So, we must wait for the official announcement first for series renewal. But you can watch sneak peeks of the released season of the series on the official site on youtube.

The season 1 trailer depicts the lady Neil Serrano coming back to Los Angeles from London to restart her career in Journalism after ending his relationship. A single woman starts to write the stories of dead people to whom she can hear and see.

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Who Will Be The Part Of Not Dead Yet Season 2?

The second season of Not Dead Yet hasn’t been officially announced, and there aren’t any details available yet. The first season of the show is broadcasting now.

The information about who will perform supporting roles in the second season is not available. However, you can read the main characters of the series who may perform in the upcoming season.

  • Gina Rodriguez as Nell Serrano, A journalist
  • Hannah Simone as Sam, the best friend of Nell
  • LaurenAsh as Lexi, a boss of Nell
  • Rick Glass Man as Edward, An Autistic roommate of Nell

Where Can You Watch Not Dead Yet?

Not Dead Yet Season 2

The series Not Dead Yet is broadcasted on ABC network. To add on, you may watch the series on different streaming platforms such as Hulu, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime (in many regions).

What Are the Ratings of Not Dead Yet?

The series secured high ratings from its viewers on different platforms. On IMDb, the average rating of users is 6.7 out of 10, rated by 2.6k users. Another platform Rotten Tomatoes rated it  6.3 out of 10.

Is the Series Not Dead Yet Worth Watching?

Not Dead Yet is a comedy show that does wonderful work and fulfills the purpose of the storyline. People who have an interest in mortality, emotions, drama, and the mysteries of life can watch the trailer, if they find it interesting, then they can continue to watch it.


To conclude, the followers of Not Dead yet are waiting for the official announcement of its renewal. However, the officials have not said anything about the cancellation and renewal of the show. We will update you once any official statement will be disclosed related to Not Dead Yet season 2. 

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