Not Okay Movie Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of Not Okay?

Not Okay, Quinn Shephard’s new dark comedy, finishes on a melancholy note that may leave viewers with some unanswered issues. Not Okay, starring Zoey Deutch, Mia Isaac, and Dylan O’Brien, premiered on Hulu on July 29 to generally positive reviews from both fans and reviewers. The performance of Zoey Deutch as Danni has received great praise.

In the film, Not Okay, Danni Sanders’ ascent to internet celebrity is chronicled after she finds herself at the scene of a deadly terrorist assault in Paris as a result of a staged writer’s retreat. Danni initially thinks she should come clean and correct the record, but she ultimately takes advantage of the fame provided by nameless fans and poses as a traumatized victim to win over Colin, an influencer she has a thing on.

Danni meets and befriends Rowan, a real-life trauma sufferer, on her journey to internet fame. By the time Not Okay is over, Danni is forced to correct the record and rises to the top of the internet’s most despised individuals.

The characters in Not Okay are there to make fun of the internet fame culture and social media. Shephard wrote the dark comedy to show how dangerous it is to make victims of trauma famous on the internet, and the movie looks at the problem from a few different points of view. In the end, a major thread is left hanging so that viewers can figure out why Danni did what she did. Here’s a look at how Not Okay ends.

What Happens at the End of Not Okay?

After being threatened by a coworker who has figured it all out, Danni admits to lying. She loses her job, turns into an internet pariah, has her data exposed, gets death threats, and eventually deletes all of her social media accounts.

After attending a support group for individuals in her situation, Danni finds that she hasn’t learned any lessons despite everything going wrong. She decides to apologize to Rowan for everything, but after hearing him sing a poem about her, she decides against it.

Not Okay Movie Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of Not Okay?

Why Didn’t Danni Say She Was Sorry to Rowan?

Even if Not Okay isn’t one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, its conclusion has enough substance to hold viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression. The most unfiltered writing in the show is found in Rowan’s spoken word poetry, which gives the occasionally surrealistic show a sense of truth. Danni ultimately resolves to apologize to Rowan and attend her performance as a result of character development.

Also as a result of her character development, Danni decides not to apologize to Rowan. Through Rowan’s poems, Danni can realize that any apology she offered would be for her gain and not Rowan’s. This explains why, after Not Okay, Danni departs the theatre rather than going to find Rowan and apologize.

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What Did Colin’s Personality Represent?

In Not Okay, Danni connects with several internet celebrities, Rowan being only one of them. Danni has a great crush on Dylan O’Brien, who plays Colin in the film and is played by Teen Wolf actor Dylan O’Brien. After a brief fling, it becomes clear that he is only attracted to Danni due to her alleged post-attack stress. He appears in the movie as a counterpoint to Rowan’s character in that, in contrast to her, he is a hollow shell of a man who painstakingly created an image and brand to become renowned.

Danni gains a lot of knowledge about accountability, celebrity, and what it is to be a good person from her encounters with both of them. The purpose of Colin’s existence in Not Okay is to expose the hollowness of online fame, and through an awkward sexual encounter, he demonstrates to Danni how unreliable influencers can be.

Not Okay Movie Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of Not Okay?

What Did Rowan Teach Danni?

Mia Isaac, best known for her performance in the Amazon Prime original film Don’t Make Me Go, plays Danni’s new friend Rowan. Rowan is a survivor of a school massacre who found peace and fame in creating spoken word poems about her experiences and pain. While she has never desired celebrity and would gladly trade it if it meant she would never have to go through the shooting, Rowan attempts to utilize the platform bestowed upon her to do good by advocating for social reform and legislative improvements.

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Danni initially befriends Rowan because of her celebrity and uses it to make her piece about the Paris attacks go viral, but she eventually becomes close to her because of how genuine and lovely Rowan is. Rowan advises Danni after a horrible night with Colin that doing good is more important than being popular, but the lesson doesn’t sink in until Danni watches her performance at the end of Not Okay.

The True Meaning of the Ending of Not Okay

The conclusion of Not Okay might make it one of the best movies available on Hulu. The conclusion of Not Okay argues that it’s okay for anyone to think whatever they want about Danni, played by Zoey Deutch, even if viewers spend the whole of the film finding her irritating and unlikeable. She is developing to discover herself on her terms by letting go of what other people may think.

Danni may have come to terms with the implications of her behavior at the support group, but the lesson is still sinking in. The removal of her social media accounts and her choice to leave Rowan’s performance without saying sorry seem to indicate that Danni is finally beginning to take responsibility for her mistakes. When Danni departs, she is finally releasing herself from the pressure to win others’ approval.

Not Okay Movie Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of Not Okay?

Not Okay is a compelling basic conceit, a few outstandingly performed characters, and a message that is timely for 2022. It’s no surprise that Not Okay is receiving such positive reviews given the remarkable skill of Zoey Deutch and Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf.

The movie warns that the lead character is unlikeable from the beginning, but Not Okay pulls an interesting bait and switch with its ending that suggests Danni just might be getting to a point where she could be likable enough — but also to a point where she doesn’t care if other people like her, as long as she likes herself. You can watch Not Okay right now on Hulu.

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