One Of Us Lying Season 2: When It Will Be Renewed?


One of Us Is Lying is a mystery/thriller for young adults written by American author Karen M. McManus. This is her first novel, which was first published in the United States by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, on May 30, 2017. 

The book employs multiple perspectives to present the perspectives of all four student suspects. It has been featured on the New York Times bestseller list for 166 weeks. 

When Does Season 2 of One of Us Lying Premiere?

“One of Us Is Lying” Season 1 premiered on Peacock on October 7, 2021. Unlike other networks’ original series, which saw entire seasons released on the platform at once when NBC’s official streaming service launched in 2020, the first eight episodes of this show were released in increments over three dates.

One Of Us Lying Season 2

So far, it is unknown how many episodes Season 2 will have, but based on the first season, we can expect at least eight, unless more installments are required to complete the new season’s story.

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The second season of “One of Us Is Lying” will premiere on Peacock on October 20, 2022, in keeping with an October release date tradition (per TVLine). It is unknown whether all of the episodes will be available for immediate viewing or if the previous intermittent release order will be followed.

The series will be available on Netflix for international viewers outside of the United States a few months after the season finale of each season.

What Could Happen in One of Us is Lying Season 2?

The Season 1 finale revealed several details about the events surrounding Simon’s death. After the group managed to get rid of Jake (Barrett Carnahan), who used the mystery of Simon’s death for his own nefarious purposes, we are left with an ominous text message from “Simon Says,” informing the core group that this person knows they killed Jake despite the media portraying him as a teen runaway.

Although no details about Season 2 plotlines have been released, we can expect an entirely new mystery with a possible blackmail angle to engulf everyone brought together by Simon’s investigation.

However, following the success of Season 1, those behind the show are promising more intrigue. Lisa Katz, NBCUniversal’s president of scripted content for television and streaming, said in a statement to Variety, “We are overjoyed that the riveting and binge-worthy first season of ‘One of Us Is Lying‘ struck such a chord with our YA audience. The series fandom is extremely passionate, and we can’t wait to deliver more twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.”

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Erica Saleh, showrunner, added, “We are overjoyed with the response to Season 1 and can’t wait to continue our story in Season 2. We can’t wait to bring more mystery to Bayview High’s halls!” This sounds very promising.

Who is the Showrunner for Season 2 of One of Us is Lying?

With the success of the first season and the announcement of a second season, series developer Erica Saleh has named the new showrunner, succeeding Daro Madrona (via Deadline). Saleh has been a screenwriter and producer since 2017, beginning with episodes for TV shows like “Channel Zero,” “Evil,” and “Instinct.”

In an interview with the Writers Guild of America, East’s “On the “Writing” podcast, the showrunner was asked how she and her writers planned the character growth and she responded, “I think that’s really the project of the season, you know, knock on wood, the project of the series, is really about showing these kids who start the show really playing the parts that other people prescribed for them.

One Of Us Lying Season 2

Whether it’s their parents, social media, their friend groups, or what they’ve seen on TV or in movies, and I believe we all do that to some extent, we’re all sort of performing these versions of ourselves, but often we’re performing these versions of ourselves we think the world wants to see.”

Who is Starring in One of Us is Lying Season 2?

When Season 2 premieres, we can expect to see the return of the main cast from the first season. Annalisa Cochrane will play Addy, Chibuikem Uche will play Cooper, Marian Tejada will play Bronwyn, Cooper van Grootel will play Nate, Jessica McLeod will play Janae, and Melissa Collazo will play Maeve. McKenna and Barrett Carnahan, who played Jake, are both dead in the storyline, but you never know what happens on TV. Alimi Ballard (Kevin) and Sara Thompson (Vanessa) will also return to recurring roles.

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The major casting news for Season 2 so far is the announcement of two new recurring characters to be played by Joe Witkowski and Doralynn Mui. Witkowski will play Jake’s brother, who returns to Bayview High after his brother’s presumed disappearance, which he is not entirely convinced of. Mui will play Fiona, a newcomer to the high school who will cause problems for Bronwyn and Nate.

Season 2 of “One of Us Is Lying” sounds as exciting and addictive as ever, with the addition of new characters, a new showrunner, and another potentially life-changing event looming over the students.

One Of Us Lying Season 2: Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be One of Us is Lying 2?

Season 2 of ‘one of Us is Lying’ Premieres on October 20. Peacock Has Released a New Trailer for One of Us is Lying, a Young Adult Murder Mystery Series Based on Karen Mcmanus’s Novel of the Same Name.

Is Simon Still Alive in One of Us Lying?

Simon, the Brains Behind the Entire Mystery, Dies Early in the Story After Ingesting Peanut Oil, to Which He is Allergic. The Book Reveals the Terrible Truth When It is Revealed That He Had Planned to Die All Along. He Brought Jake (Barrett Carnahan) on Board With the Intention of Framing the Bayview Four.

Is One of Us Lying Coming to Netflix?

One of Us is Lying Has Been Airing on Peacock From NBCUniversal. The First Season of One of Us is Lying Has Been Made Available for Streaming by the Original Production House Peacock, but Only to Residents of the United States. In 2022, Netflix Decided to Exclusively Own the Series, Which Will Premiere on Netflix on February 18, 2022.

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