One person was shot dead after six people were injured in a “terrorist” attack

The man who was shot was placed under intensive surveillance “because of extremist beliefs”.

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden has said that a terrorist close to the Islamic State stabbed six people at an Auckland supermarket on Friday (September 3). Three of the victims were seriously injured New Zealand Herald (Article in English).

“What happened today is disgusting, it’s disgusting, it’s bad.”He described the attacker as a Sri Lankan who came to New Zealand in 2011.

Quoted New Zealand Herald, Police Commissioner Andrew Coaster said the suspect “Monitored closely by monitoring teams and tactical teams”. He is said to have bought a knife inside the mall before being attacked and quickly neutralized.

“I know this situation raises questions about whether the police could have done more, The commissioner said. The truth is, when you see someone 24 hours a day, it is not always possible to be immediately near them. “