Papa Ajasco Wife: What is Star Femi Ogunrombi Net Worth?


Following the news of Papa Ajasco’s death, his admirers were curious about his wife and children. Papa Ajasco received various national and international honours. His most notable achievement, though, was getting a diploma in creative composition and a gold plaque from North Korea after playing a song there in 1995.

He began working as a music instructor with the Nigerian National Troupe of the Ministry of Information and Culture in 1994. Despite being chosen as the ministry’s music director, he departed the Executive branch to start his own music company.

Femi worked as a musicologist for almost 30 years. Ogunrombi first appeared in the popular TV comedy “Papa Ajasco” in 2006. Papa Ajasco and Company was created by Wale Adenuga Productions.

Papa Ajasco Wife

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Who is Papa Ajasco Wife?

Even though Femi Ogunrombi was married, there is no information about her online.

In an interview, Femi revealed that because he hadn’t yet found work, he began playing in a short play as soon as he got home from school. He met his future wife because she was on the crew at the time. He approached her since he felt she was a pretty lady.

He also stated that despite her late age, she still remains young and appealing. Ogunrombi is claimed to be married with at least three children. His age and the number of children he has are yet unclear.

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What is Papa Ajasco Star Femi Ogunrombi Net Worth?

There is no confirmation of Papa Ajasco’s wealth. But Papa Ajasco’s producer, Wale Adenuga, is said to be worth more over $4 million.

Pencil Film and Television Centre had Femi Ogunrombi as its director of studies. After his birth in Ife, Osun State, Ogunrombi’s family relocated to Lagos, Ogun State in the 1970s.

In 1975, Ogunrombi began her nursing education after working for a short time at the General Hospital in Ikeja, Lagos. Ogunrombi returned to school in the 1980s to study dramatic arts at Obafemi Awolowo University after developing an appreciation for music and the arts.

He created and directed the OAU choir, The Ayoro Voices. Between the years 1980 and 1990, this crew represented the spirit of the University as a whole. He established and directed the National Choir for many years before leaving government service in 1998 to launch his own music company.

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